letter from our CEO

Our mission is to make a difference in the way people consume. By combining innovative and beautiful design with sustainable materials and practices, we aim to create home interiors options for today without compromising the future for generations to come.

We believe that sustainability is not about imposing limitations but rather about opening new opportunities for creative companies. We also believe that design should not reinforce disposable consumerism; cheaper, faster and replaceable. For us great design means innovation that encompasses sustainability in every way: environmentally, socially and economically, and creates beautiful and timeless products.

At Merida, we’re building on our heritage of creating innovative, beautiful natural fiber rugs as we aspire to be leaders in sustainable design for home interiors and to join forces with like-minded companies, designers and consumers to make a difference for future generations.

We are at the beginning of our journey and we have a long-way to go but we have an incredible team at Merida and we are committed, passionate and excited about making an impact and hope you will join us. We absolutely welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Warm Regards,

Catherine Connolly