abaca weaving

Our Sustainability Philosophy

Our sustainability philosophy has evolved since our founding 35 years ago, but a few simple principles have guided us each step of the way.

  • Raw materials are critical. We use only natural materials from rapidly renewable resources.
  • Long-lasting mutually beneficial partnerships are essential.
  • Our team is our most important asset.
  • Sustainability is all inclusive from the origination of plant or animal fibers to delivery of the finished rug.

These practices provide a solid foundation for us to build on our commitment to sustainability.

Merida Sustainable Rugs

In stark contrast to synthetics, Merida’s rugs are made from rapidly renewable materials that come from plants (sisal, jute, abaca, seagrass, coir and linen) and animals (wool). Merida has always chosen to work with natural materials due to the many advantages they have over synthetics.

  • They are rapidly renewable and do not deplete finite resources. With the use of sustainable farming practices, these fibers may be harvested over and over again without damaging the environment. Rapidly renewable vegetable yarns are made from plants that regenerate quickly – typically they may be harvested every few years.
  • Our rugs undergo very little processing. Natural fibers generally require fewer resources than synthetics to become finished products.
  • They do not contribute to climate change since they do not produce CO2. Through photosynthesis, plants actually soak up CO2 and release oxygen.

We strongly believe that our efforts and the efforts of like-minded individuals and organizations are helping to build a better world. When you choose a sustainable area rug, you are making a meaningful statement about what you believe in and are helping to create a world where quality, beauty and a sustainable way of life are essential.