2010 Color Trends

Here they are! My color trends for 2010.They start off with colors that have been seen recently in fashion and home interiors, and then progress through to some new original combinations that will become more prominent as we move into the new year.

Black and White:

Black White1

A classic combo!  Striking contrast and bold patterns  -  checks and polka dots will stand strong with this pair.  You may also start to see shades of red and pops of other brilliant colors introduced.

Mediterranean Spice:

Mediterranean Spice1

This is another category that will continue throughout next year. The bright, saturated colors help create a happy, cheerful and fun space. You’ll typically see at least three of these colors used together.

Blue Horizon:

True Blue1

These coastal blues and whites will again freshen the interior palette. The blues will range from lighter gray tones, to turquoise and deep indigo. They will often be seen paired together. The white will stay crisp and clean.

Tropical Punch:

Tropical Punch1

Bright pinks and oranges continue to create eye catching pieces. These warm hues compliment each other and continue to excite as an unusual duo. We’ve already seen this influence in both fashion and the home, and it will carry on throughout the months to come.

Below are new ideas for new emerging color combinations…

Blush Tones:

Blush Tones1

This is one of my favorite fashion trends that’s starting to trickle into home interiors. These light blush, rouge and purple tones work beautifully with gray, cream and black.

Earthy Modern:

Earthy Modern1

Here you start to see olive greens, chartreuse, turquoise and brick coming together to form a very unique palette. It has a bit of that retro touch with a new vogue twist!

Mellow Yellow:

Mellow Yellow1

Golds, oranges and burnt siennas create soothing, warm, exotic surrounds.  The golds are used together with accents of ivory and chocolate.



This glamorous jungle of jewel tones will definitely swing us through the new year! Sequins, satins, silks and leathers will carry tones of jade, deep purples and cobalt blues.

I hope you found the palettes inspiring! I’d love to hear if your designs have been influenced by any of these combinations.

A presentation for new 2010 Trends (Style / Color / Pattern) can be viewed here at the BDC’s Trend Report.

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  1. I’ve always had the black and white down, but this post is inspiring me to dip a bit more into the color side of things. I doubt I’ll dive right into something like Mediterranean Spice, but little baby steps into Blue Horizon and Blush Tones look like they’d be a good place to start.