A Capsule Collection Exhibition in NYC with Zak + Fox

Tomorrow in Manhattan Merida and Zak + Fox will be presenting each of our new American-made collections.

Merida is proud to introduce Tailormade, a capsule collection of flatweave rugs inspired by bespoke tailoring techniques.

Zak + Fox has launched Haz, an enchanting new collection of fabrics inspired by the mystery of Instanbul and Anatolia.

While Merida and Zak + Fox did not collaborate on these collections, Merida’s Creative Director Roxanne Hanna and Zak + Fox’s Zak Profera felt that the two companies share a certain philosophy and spirit. As Zak puts it, “I think there’s a common thread between both Z+F and Merida with regard to how we approach our designs — they are very considered and subdued — naturally, they are bound to ‘play well’ together. Roxanne and I developed a friendship from being in the industry and had a meeting-of-the-minds; we thought it would be a good idea to partner up and collaborate on an event where we could share our relationships, resources, and perspectives in a way that would be beneficial to everyone.  Both Merida and Z+F had new products launching around the same time, and there’s something to be said about a ‘strength in numbers’ approach.”

Roxanne says, “I admire Zak’s creative curiosity and wide eyed view of the world around him.  I love how he draws inspiration from his experiences.

He has a strong point of view without it being narrow.  So many companies try to achieve this but Zak has been able to beautifully convey his aesthetic from the start of his business and it resonates with the design community.”

Merida and Zak + Fox will debut each of our respective new collections, Tailormade and Haz, to press, bloggers, and members of the design trade in Soho, New York City, on Wednesday, November 20.

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