A Designer’s Eye in Marrakech

Catherine, Roxanne and Maegan of the Merida team were lucky enough to attend the 2012 Design Leadership Summit in Marrakech. The perennial event brings together designers, architects, and editors in a forum for sharing inspiration and ideas in a location that offers a unique perspective. Marrakech, Morocco was chosen for its wealth of patterns and cultural variety. Handmade craftsmanship and artistry are highly valued in the city, and community and collaboration are essential parts of everyday life.

Our creative director Maegan Fee reflects on her experience exploring the many shops, vendors, and artisans in the ancient Medina section of the city. She remarks on the thought-provoking process of visiting such a unique place with interior designers:

CEO Catherine Connolly observed how many of the lessons learned in the conference can be seen in the culture and art of Marrakech:

She noticed that sustainability and artistic craftsmanship are part of the culture and daily life in Morocco. As Maryam of MyMarrakesh explained, every piece of architecture has an aesthetic purpose behind its design. Sustainability is a necessity in a city that sits on the edge of the desert.

Apart from the desert are the snowy Atlas mountains, another characteristic of the Moroccan landscape. Contrasts are everywhere in Morocco, and during the conference contrasts in design were discussed by Keith Granet, Aileen Lee, and others.

Along with creativity and variety, Marrakech highlighted the importance of community and collaboration for Catherine. She explains the lessons that can be learned from daily collaboration and cooperation she observed in Morocco.

More photos of amazing Morocco from the Merida ladies:

Marrakech Rugs

Designers in Morocco

Jeffery Alan Marks of JAM Design

Catherine and Newell Turner

Catherine and House Beautiful Editor-in-Chief Newell Turner

Donkey & Cart

Katie Leede, Lisa Staprans, and Jean Larette

Katie Leede of Digs by Katie, Lisa Staprans of Staprans Design, and Jean Larette of Jean Larette Interior Design

Roxanne, Jean, Maegan, Catherine

Roxanne, Lisa, Maegan, and Catherine

Musician in Marrakech

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  1. Dale Mushlin

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