And the winners are…

I’m so excited to announce the winners of our Tufted Rug Design Contest! The three¬† young designers we selected as the winners are Kelsey Arbona, Massiel Grullon, and Alland Torchon. Chosen by a panel of some of Boston’s top designers, the judges have nothing but great things to say about these young artists and their interpretations of sustainable design. Most of all, everyone is looking forward to seeing these designs translated into a collection of tufted rugs next spring!

Each of the three winners will receive an area rug of their own design as their prize. We also plan to make a $5,000 donation to AFH to help further their arts programs for young people.

It has been a wonderful and collaborative journey for Merida and AFH the past few months. Since our paths crossed a year ago, we have found amazing synergy with AFH in our shared passion of art, design, sustainability, and social responsibility. We look forward to creating brand new products infused with this passion and will keep you updated on our product development process as it progresses over the next few months.

To meet all the young designers who participated in the contest and see their final submissions, come to AFH’s Annual Holiday Open House, “For the Love of Art” on December 15 from 3:00-7:00 p.m. at the EpiCenter. Stop by to peruse and purchase student produced art to support this great non-profit organization just in time for the holidays. And stay tuned for our blog post on the event!

To see all the student submissions, please click here.

From the top: Alland Torchon, Massiel Grullon and Kelsey Arbona

From the top: Alland Torchon, Massiel Grullon and Kelsey Arbona Photo by Mary Nguyen, Artists for Humanity


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