Art Deco: Timeless Style

Creative inspiration can be found anywhere you look, from nature to machine, from the exceptional to the common. We find the Art Deco aesthetic in the 1920′s and 30′s particularly inspiring in its combination of elegance and boldness. Primarily a reaction to the Art Nouveau movement, Art Decor used structured geometric patterning instead of organic shapes.

Art Nouveau vs Art Deco poster art

Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco, via Wikipedia

Despite the World’s Fair poster’s more masculine, industrial, design it retains an air of elegance with soaring and simple shapes. This trend towards geometric art was coincided with a movement towards technology, industry, and science. The idea behind it all was the marriage of luxury, design, and function.

The chrystler building showing art deco style

The Chrystler Building, via Wikipedia

LeeLawrie - Wisdom, With Light and Sound 1933 Rockefeller Center

Lee Lawrie "Wisdom, With Light and Sound" 1933, via Wikipedia

Jessica, a writer at Arcadian Lighting, searches daily for the newest interior design and lighting trends and writes about the beauty of good design. She further explores the history and aesthetics behind Art Deco lighting:

“Art Deco lighting fixtures are especially eye-catching for their sleek, sophisticated designs and linear symmetry. Geometric patterns and highly polished metals, such as chrome, brass, or steel, reflected an era enamored with modern machinery and luxurious beauty. Stained glass lamp shades in bold primary colors helped create a bright, colorful impact in the home that was as popular during the 1920s and 1930s as it is today.

Art Deco Tiffany light fixture

via Arcadian Lighting

Sparkling, over-sized chandeliers became popular once more in response to the booming economy that followed the stark atmosphere of World War I. Glamorous lighting fixtures suddenly graced movie theaters, lobbies, and ocean liners, embracing the desire to celebrate and enjoy life once more.”

Art Deco Chandeliers Smith Center Vegas

Chandeliers at the Smith Center, Las Vegas. via

We are inspired by the aesthetic of Art Deco and see endless opportunities for its use in interior design. Whether an entire room is done in the style or just a single, statement piece, Art Deco’s structural elegance is versatile and beautiful.

art deco ironwork - traditional home

via Traditional Home

Art deco style interior - traditional home

via Traditional Home

Classic style interior - Veranda

via Veranda

Beautiful modern dining room - Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

Be on the lookout for some new Art Deco inspired area rug designs by our amazing Creative Director Maegan Fee, coming soon!

Art Deco Rug sample tufted

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