Behind the scenes with the Sweater Wool Rug collection

Our latest photographs have just arrived from  Francine Zaslow! A few weeks ago I worked with Francine and her team to capture Merida’s new wool area rugs from the Sweater Collection, which are designed and woven in Fall River, MA.

We were lucky enough to find a perfect space at the Belle Mer in Newport,RI, where the simple, elegant spaces complemented the sophisticated look of the rugs. The smooth surfaces and clean angles in the space enhanced the deep, knit-like texture from each rug design.

To add some visual interest to the shots, we borrowed furniture and props from showrooms at the Boston Design Center, and during the shoot, interior designer and stylist Robert Wurbel carefully selected pieces from Icon GroupFurn & Co and Studio 534 to complete each setting.

Our goal was to keep the composition as clean as possible, while allowing viewers to imagine the rugs in their own setting. The final shots are spectacular!

Coil in Ivory, from the Sweater wool rug collection, shown with Ironies Boreal Bench with Jerry Pair / Bella Pelle leather in Lilac (Courtesy Studio 534)

Here is a “before” glimpse of one shot, showing Robert Wurbel and I setting up the space.

And here is the dramatic “after” shot!

Cable in Ivory, from the Sweater wool rug collection, shown with Icon Group cream sofa, Furn & Co silver screen and white vase.

Below is another sneak peek of Francine setting up a serene fireplace shot.

I love the simplicity of this final shot.

Coil in Ivory, from the Sweater wool rug collection.

Thank you to everyone who helped orchestrate the elements to make this shoot a great success!  We will be launching the sweater rugs in mid-April, so keep a lookout for more updates on this collection, including how to get your samples!

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  1. The Sweater collection looks scrumptious and sophisticated…
    What a truly creative idea!