Jun 13

We’re Moving!

On July 1st we will be in our new space in the Boston Design Center, suite 714.

Boston design center

Preparation is well underway with July only a few days away. Last week our craftsmen installed Luxe Silver Topaz sisal in the studio, with several seams and columns to work around.

seaming preparation in the design center space.

Seaming beginning.


seaming progress

Seaming progress

Look for us in the Boston Design Center starting July 1st! Production has moved completely to Fall River, Massachusetts.

As always, call us at 800-345-2200 for additional information.


May 13

The Art of Customization, with Tim Campbell & Malcolm Kutner (Part 1)

Merida CEO Catherine Connolly led a discussion with interior designers Tim Campbell and Malcom James Kutner about the art of customization in interior design at Legends LCDQ LA in May 2013. Tim and Malcolm each shared a wealth of knowledge about customizing and the value it brings to clients. They reflected that customization adds value not only in the quality of craftsmanship and the story behind an object, but also in creating something unique for a specific client. This event was a wonderful opportunity to connect with designers and share ideas. We began the event by hanging customized rugs created in collaboration with interior designers, and continued with this enriching talk.

Check out the video below to see Tim and Malcolm answer the question, “How do you think of customization? What is it’s role in your practice?”

What does customization mean to you?

To learn more about customizing with us, give us a call at 800-345-2200.

May 13

Ken Gemes in the Westchester Showhouse

How do you transform a huge 1915 marble floored, and heavily curtained living room into a bright, warm, and elegant family social space? Just ask Ken Gemes of Ken Gemes Interiors. From the moment he saw the ornate living space in this historic 1915 mansion, Ken “could immediately see how [he] would do it.”

Designing for the 2013 Westchester Showhouse benefitting Cerebral Palsy of Westchester, Ken was inspired by the historic architecture of the home. “The detail in the room is incredible. I didn’t want to ignore the intricacy of the plaster moldings in the ceiling and on the walls, but at the same time I didn’t want the room to feel dated and old. The challenge was the balance; to make the room feel young, hip, and inviting, but still have a historic feeling as well.”

overview ken gemes room

Ken was immediately drawn to the living room not only for its grandeur, but also its function as a social gathering space. Designing with this aspect of a home’s functionality in mind, Ken creates spaces that are both open and warm, and invite people to gather in groups.

“My biggest objective was to take a grand room, and show how it could serve as a young family’s living room. I wanted it to have three separate areas that people actually would use.”

ken gemes stratum sisal window chairs

“One of the biggest challenges of the room was how to transform that enormous white marble floor into something that was going to be more livable and inviting and make the room cozier. The floor itself was magnificent but it was very cold and overwhelming.

warm seating area ken gemes sisal

“When I explained the space to Roxanne, Merida’s Director of Business Development, she said ‘We have a new material that is a herringbone sisal, and we can seam it, we can give you whatever size you want.’ So when we ended up with a 33 foot wide by 18 foot long Stratum rug, it pretty much solved all of our problems. Merida rugs for me are like working with a natural material–it’s almost like a wood. You’re layering in texture and you have this beautiful backdrop but it’s not an attention getting thing, it’s one of the elements that tend to make everything sing or work together.”

sisal stratum closeup grey

When interior designers work on a showhouse, there may be a temptation to pay less attention to the usability of the space. Ken, however, works in such a way that social interactions are always at forefront of his design ideas. This allowed him to create a warm living space while also creating a stunning design that defines his aesthetic.

The Westchester Showhouse is open until June 9th, and located at 2 Cooper Road in Scarsdale NY. Stop by and check out Ken’s fantastic work and the rest of this exciting showhouse.

To quote & order Stratum, log in to our Customer Center or call us at 800-345-2200

May 13

The Power of Customization – As Seen at Legends 2013

Last week Merida had the pleasure and privilege to sponsor the VIP lounge at LEGENDS 2013. To decorate the space we asked three talented and highly regarded interior designers Jeff Andrews, Ross Cassidy and Jay Jeffers to design bespoke rugs that we produced in Merida’s Design Lab.

Each rug was unique in its own way and represented each designer’s inspiration and style.

Jeff AndrewsJeff Andrews has a wealth of knowledge and experience in perfecting interiors while specializing in personalization and customization. Shapes and congruency inspired his rug creation. As Jeff said, “Designing this rug was a creatively fulfilling experience for me. I used it as an opportunity to design something outside of my normal aesthetic. Working with the Merida team made it easy to take risks; they are so professional, accommodating and efficient, and fully understand the design process.”

Geo-Centric Designed by Jeff Andrews, Produced at Merida Design Lab

"Geo-Centric" Designed by Jeff Andrews, Produced at Merida Design Lab

Ross CassidyRoss Cassidy’s background in interior, product and graphic design inspired him to create this random indigo blotch inspired pattern. Ross is a big fan of customization and creation of one-offs, so collaboration with Merida’s Design Team was something that came naturally to him. “Working with Merida on this rug was tremendously easy. The design was an old painting I had done, and I sent the artwork to their Design Lab. They suggested a number of possible executions aside from what I had originally envisioned which made the process more interesting and we ended up using one of their flat weaves rather than a silk and wool tufted rug that I had originally suggested. This gave the rug a more casual feel and a whole new attitude.”

"Oops" Designed by Ross Cassidy, Produced at Merida Design Lab

Jay Jeffers is recognized as one of the most dynamic interior designers of his generation. This Elle Décor A-lister has already had the opportunity to work on custom products from Merida’s Design Lab so co-creation of this piece was a familiar process. “The Tippi rug was inspired by a stunning tile pattern I saw in a Hitchcock movie. I love working with Merida–they share our appreciation of meticulous craftsmanship and custom design. It’s why I chose to represent their Made in Mass collection at my San Francisco store, Cavalier, and why I jumped at the opportunity to create a custom piece for this project!”

"Tippi" Designed by Jay Jeffers, Produced at Merida Design Lab

Martin & Malik A fourth rug was designed and produced by designers who are a part of Merida’s own Design Team, Martin Emlein and Malik Wagenseil. These RISD-trained textile designers bring the most unique, imaginative, and individualized rugs to fruition. Their rug Limham, inspired by the magical summer gardens of a Swedish town, showcases a beautiful floral pattern while adding dimension and texture with a quilt-like weaving structure.

"Limham" Designed and Produced at Merida Design Lab

What’s your inspiration? Have some fun using our Merida Design Lab to bring your own custom rug creations to life. Call Merida Customer Solutions at 800-345-2200 to learn more.