Apr 14

Four inspirations. Endless possibilities.

From our bespoke-inspired Tailormade wool rugs to our new Hospitality sisal, Urbana, here are four exciting collections to inspire your spring projects.


tailormade customization in wool

tailormade versatile and bespoke

The Tailormade Collection takes a modern spin on timeless patterns—from toothy herringbones to crisp pinstripes and dashing plaids—woven from classic British wools. The result is a collection of beautiful bespoke rugs, available in six versatile styles and a choice of colors and custom finishes to mix and match from room to room. Every Tailormade rug is woven to order on jacquard looms at Merida’s mill in Fall River, a city that was once a major center of American textile manufacturing. In tribute to that heritage, each style in the Tailormade collection is named for a founder of Fall River’s textile industry. Merida is proud to be writing the next chapter in that American-made story.

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antwerp neutrals and darks

Inspired by one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, where art and beauty are the fabric of life, Antwerp takes the science of color mixing to an unprecedented level–blending multiple colored yarns to create a beautiful and durable sisal without equal. Antwerp blends science, art, and craftsmanship to create a masterful expression of subtlety and sophistication. Spun, mixed, and woven in Belgium. Hand finished in America.

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varkala refined jute weave

bora bora seams the same as varkala

A refined jute weave that’s supple yet structurally firm, with a naturally variant, hand-braided design, Varkala embraces the concept of beauty in imperfection. Following the thread of our best selling Bora Bora jute, Varkala seams invisibly when creating large or custom-shaped rugs. Using a technique that mimics the original weaving process, our craftsmen are able to produce a robust and beautiful seam.

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urbana residential or commercial

Urbana refined residential or hospitality

Equally stunning in residential or hospitality settings, Urbana integrates refined design and durability. Urbana’s unique yarn soaking treatment locks stain repellant into the fibers before they are woven, providing much longer-lasting stain resistance than a topically treated rug.  The tight structure and low profile of Urbana make it appropriate for use in high traffic areas, in offices, and on stairs, in addition to family, living, and dining rooms. Urbana is already being used by a high end fashion boutique in Los Angeles, a luxury hotel in Miami, and, as featured in the above photos, a prestigious interior design firm in New York City.

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Mar 14

Hand-braided and soft underfoot

Introducing Varkala, a refined jute weave that’s supple yet structurally firm. With a naturally variant, hand-braided design, Varkala embraces the concept of beauty in imperfection.

varkala sunrise

Varkala in Sunrise - 6" of weave shown

Varkala volcano

Varkala in Volcano - 6" of weave shown

Following the thread of our best selling Bora Bora jute, Varkala seams invisibly when creating large or custom-shaped rugs. Using a technique that mimics the original weaving process, our craftsmen are able to produce a robust and beautiful seam.

seaming a bora bora jute rug

One of our craftsmen, Wagner, seaming a Bora Bora jute rug in Fall River, MA. We use the same technique to seam Varkala.

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Feb 14

Three designers inspire with Tailormade

Here at Merida we are inspired by artists and artisans We view the work of designers in the same vein. Creating an interior is an art form, and we are proud to play a key role in that process. We asked three influential designers how they would creatively use patterns from our new Tailormade collection of flatweave rugs in their work. The results range from reserved to whimsical.

Liz Caan Interiors
Newton, Massachusetts –

Liz Caan created a lively, bold, room design that is a blend of chic, gorgeous, and inviting. From blue lacquered walls to powerful black and whites, her design board is a vibrant reflection of her aesthetic. With a custom black and white Harris wool rug, Liz took one of our Tailormade classics in an exciting new direction.

With a belief in “stylish and luxurious design that factors in balance, contrast, function, and fun with the details,” Liz Caan Interiors believes in unique and personal design that mixes high and low.

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Dunn & Tighe Interiors
Bronxville, NY –

Leslie Dunn and Ann Tighe bring together complementary skills to “blend antique with contemporary in a minimalist manner, but always with an element of the unexpected to enliven a room and its personality.” They brought this philosophy to the forefront in their design board, a stunning great room with a mix of reserved masculinity and evocative details.

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Lori Graham Design
Washington, DC –

lori-graham-portrait With a different take on a masculine space, Lori envisioned a subtly designed gentleman’s office with all the right details. The room is perfect for work or play, with elements ranging from a stunning bar cart to black lacquered Viennese bookshelves. With rich, multi-tonal grays and small pops of vivid reds, Lori’s design takes full advantage of her “chic-yet-comfortable” aesthetic.

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Feb 14

Liz Caan inspires with “Preppy Town”

Several top designers were asked to give their take on a creative use for patterns from our new Tailormade collection. Liz Caan of Liz Caan Interiors in Newton, Massachusetts, created a chic and energetic design that is as inviting as it is fashionable.Liz caan interiors

Liz Caan: I call it  Preppy Town.

Liz caan design board for tailormade Merida: Explain why you chose this particular Tailormade pattern and color combination, and theme.

LC: I chose the Tailormade product Harris in a custom black and white because it is a classic pattern, the colors are graphic, neutral, and timeless, and they give the room the perfect base to add bold, bright colors. They are not muddy, and I love that. I chose this theme because it mirrors my inherent design aesthetic; lots of color, a graphic base and a mix of traditional and modern. I like to think of it as uptown meets downtown.

M: What kinds of people do you envision living in this particular space?

LC: I see this as a great family room in an historic building where the ceilings are high, the moldings are generous and detailed, and the floors have a perfect patina. A very fashionable family lives here with kids and pets – nothing is off limits.

M: How does this design board reflect your aesthetic?

LC: My design board shows color, scale and a collected mix of furnishings. I chose blue lacquered walls, bright and fun Murano lamps by Joe Cariati, fun pillows, a deep green velvet classic sofa and some comfy side chairs. The lacquer and brass coffee table give the space a playful yet modern spin.

M: What other types of projects do you think Tailormade would work for?

LC: There are lots of fun projects I can see using Tailormade for including children’s bedrooms, dressing rooms, stair runners and great family friendly spaces.

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