Feb 14

Liz Caan inspires with “Preppy Town”

Several top designers were asked to give their take on a creative use for patterns from our new Tailormade collection. Liz Caan of Liz Caan Interiors in Newton, Massachusetts, created a chic and energetic design that is as inviting as it is fashionable.Liz caan interiors

Liz Caan: I call it  Preppy Town.

Liz caan design board for tailormade Merida: Explain why you chose this particular Tailormade pattern and color combination, and theme.

LC: I chose the Tailormade product Harris in a custom black and white because it is a classic pattern, the colors are graphic, neutral, and timeless, and they give the room the perfect base to add bold, bright colors. They are not muddy, and I love that. I chose this theme because it mirrors my inherent design aesthetic; lots of color, a graphic base and a mix of traditional and modern. I like to think of it as uptown meets downtown.

M: What kinds of people do you envision living in this particular space?

LC: I see this as a great family room in an historic building where the ceilings are high, the moldings are generous and detailed, and the floors have a perfect patina. A very fashionable family lives here with kids and pets – nothing is off limits.

M: How does this design board reflect your aesthetic?

LC: My design board shows color, scale and a collected mix of furnishings. I chose blue lacquered walls, bright and fun Murano lamps by Joe Cariati, fun pillows, a deep green velvet classic sofa and some comfy side chairs. The lacquer and brass coffee table give the space a playful yet modern spin.

M: What other types of projects do you think Tailormade would work for?

LC: There are lots of fun projects I can see using Tailormade for including children’s bedrooms, dressing rooms, stair runners and great family friendly spaces.

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Feb 14

Dunn & Tighe inspire with a blend of modern and classic

dunn and tighe portrait

Several top designers were asked to give their take on a creative use for patterns from our new Tailormade collection. Dunn & Tighe Interiors of Bronxville, New York envisioned a refined Great Room space that mixes a neutral palette with pops of color.

dunn-and-tighe-design boarddunn-and-tighe design boarddunn-and-tighe-design boarddunn and tighe design board wool rugs


Merida: How does this reflect your unique style, and the style of the client? Can you see Tailormade in other types of designs?

Dunn & Tighe: With a design philosophy resulting in sophisticated, elegant environments infused with warmth and ease, we blended our appreciation of contemporary in a minimalist manner along with the simplicity and elegance of classic designs. The result is an interplay of form and function that enlivens a room revealing the client’s personality.

These aesthetics lend themselves beautifully to the Tailormade collection, which is both versatile and unique.  The undyed wools are rich, textural, and dynamic – which we feel is a great starting point in building a room.

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Feb 14

Lori Graham inspires with a handsome home office


Several designers were asked to give their take on a creative use for patterns from our new Tailormade collection. Lori Graham Design envisioned a distinguished gentleman’s home office, complete with chic yet subdued essentials and subtle pops of vibrant red.

Tailormade Flint-Persimmon Design Board

Merida: Explain why you chose this particular Tailormade pattern and color combination, and theme.

Lori Graham: We simply adore this bespoke-inspired collection from Merida. The clean lines and rich textiles of classic menswear regularly inspire and influence our designs. Specifically, we chose Flint-Persimmon from Merida’s Tailormade collection because of the unexpected spot of color running through the traditional grey wool. Much like a perfectly paired pocket square alongside an impeccable blazer, the combination of a classic, traditional piece with a daring dose of color is always in style. Well-dressed men have one thing in common: They do the essentials right; they do not go overboard on trends or loud accessories. The same is true in design; allow classic lines and familiar fabrics to play a dominate role in each piece and the room as a whole and then use a dash of daring details and pops of vibrancy. Merida’s Flint-Persimmon does just this.

What better way to illustrate the interplay between men’s fashion and home décor than a distinguished gentleman’s home office? Starting with the Flint-Persimmon rug, we complement the wool floorcovering with Ralph Lauren’s Clifton Tattersall upholstered wallcovering in Jet. We further ground the room with turn of the century Viennese bookshelves in black lacquer. Vintage club chairs in a crisp white cotton duck provide a handsome seating option and serve as a clean backdrop for a toss pillow in Donghia’s mohair velvet in cinnamon. We continue layering textiles by including a throw in a glen plaid. To polish up the space, we pair Ralph Lauren’s Highbridge desk in polished stainless steel with an  Eames chair in black leather and polished aluminum frame, and include a Stainless Steel Industrial Bar Cart from Lori Graham Home. Barbara Barry for Visual Comfort’s French Cuff Double Pendant in Polished Nickel is the “cufflink” of the room and provides sophisticated overhead lighting. We accent these key pieces with eye-popping rare finds and thoughtful details: a Murano glass pheasant and Vintage silver banded high ball glasses  – both available through Sixteen Fifty Nine for Lori Graham Home, Christopher Spitzmiller Anthony table lamps, Tom Ford coffee table book (from Lori Graham Home), and artist Tim Conlon’s, Blank Canvas #27 – B&O, 2013, available through Contemporary Wing.

M: What kinds of people do you see living in this particular space?

LG: The sophistication of this home office is well-suited for bachelors and couples alike. This office could dual as a chic entertaining space and home cocktail lounge for a couple who finds beauty in details and appreciates thoughtful design.

M: How does this design board reflect your design aesthetic?

LG: We embrace the idea of pairing clean, classic key pieces with vibrant details and accents.  Additionally, layering color and textiles through a room is crucial.  Finally, one of the key elements to our design philosophy at Lori Graham Design + Home is combining modern and vintage pieces to create an eclectic mix that is well-curated and unique.

M: What are some other types of projects you could see Tailormade being used for?

LG: The Tailormade collection is extremely versatile. We envision using it in Home Offices, Libraries, and Dressing Rooms, as well as Family Rooms, Game Rooms,  and casual entertaining spaces. The collection embodies great sophistication and celebrates detail while promoting casual, comfortable living.

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Dec 13

Q&A with Creative Director Roxanne Hanna

creative director

A conversation with Merida’s new creative director, Roxanne Hanna, as she shares her inspiration for the Tailormade Collection.

Q: What was the initial inspiration for the Tailormade Collection?

RH: Initially the concept was developed around menswear, and as it evolved we were drawn to sartorial detailing.  I realized that there was so much to explore and get inspired by. Our lead designer Martin Emlein and I were in New York over the summer and met with luxury bespoke tailor Miller’s Oath. We also visited the flagship store of menswear designer Thom Browne and the exhibit “Artist/Rebel/Dandy” at the RISD Museum. That triggered a lot of ideas that led to Tailormade.


Thom Browne Fabric


Details at Thom Browne


Q: What was your creative process like, working one-on-one with Martin?

RH: Tailormade was our first collaboration together and it worked beautifully. Martin is an incredibly talented textile designer and really translated our ideas into stunning textiles. We wanted Tailormade to reflect a true “capsule” collection, where there was one design that acts as a foundation—Harris—and the other design elements work with each other. These are rugs that can live in the same space and transition well, yet they each have a distinct personality.  We did a lot of refining of scale, color and design along the way and I think it paid off.

Q: How does the new Tailormade Collection build on Merida’s legacy of product development?

RH: We wanted to create a collection that evolves on our heritage of innovative craftsmanship; Tailormade reflects the high standard of quality that Merida is known for. Using undyed wool yarns and constructions that mimic our plant fiber rugs creates depth and character, which makes each rug unique.

Merida is also known for having the best quality edge finishes in the US, so we brought some new finishing concepts to the artisans in our workroom. One idea was inspired by leather elbow patches on men’s sweaters and blazers. Within weeks we had innovated an entirely new finishing technique.

leather corner

Q: What do you attribute your love of textiles to?

RH: I have always been fascinated by textiles and how they are constructed. I started knitting when I was 6 and by the time I was 8 I was deconstructing and reconstructing clothing by hand stitching. I sewed clothing and accessories through high school… as an undergrad I took a textile history course and it changed my life.  I wasn’t sure where my career path would take me but I knew that I needed to be around textiles.

Q: Has anyone else in your family inspired you creatively?

RH: I draw a lot of inspiration from strong women. My grandmother had a successful career in technology and was also a talented painter so I’d like to think I inherited some of her left-brain/right-brain balance. My husband’s grandmother, who’s 94, was a studio director for a New York luxury linens company. Her embroidery work is museum-worthy.  She inspires me because she’s sharp-witted, extremely creative, and very strong willed.

Q: What creative influences do you draw inspiration from?

RH: Travel feeds my soul and opens me creatively. Sometimes I need the space to observe the interactions between people, places and things. Designers inspire me, too, and I’m lucky that at Merida we get to collaborate with so many talented designers and creative thinkers who appreciate the possibilities of textiles as much as I do.