Jan 15

New video: Making history in Fall River


Why Fall River? Textile innovation returns to its roots

Fall River, Massachusetts, was once America’s leading textile center. At its peak in the 19th century, the city boasted more than 40 mills and was a bustling hub for manufacturers as well as suppliers, fabricators and craftsmen. But, like Detroit and so many other great centers of American manufacturing, Fall River fell on hard times as globalization and foreign competition put local producers out of business and jobs went overseas. By the 1960s, many of the town’s historic mills were abandoned or razed, and generations of knowledge and talent would go untapped.

When Merida made the decision to manufacture in the U.S. almost two decades ago, we knew the rich heritage that was right in our backyard. Sure, it would be challenging, but we believed the market was ready for beautiful, high-quality products made by expert craftspeople. Fall River had the people and skills to deliver on that. The rest would come down to a rigorous design process and an innovative approach to manufacturing. That, and spools of good old-fashioned American grit.

Eighteen years later, Merida continues to innovate as we expand our capabilities, with a talented team of local craftspeople and designers creating unique, hand-finished rugs, right in Fall River. Our 40,000 square-foot workshop hums to the rhythms of heritage and modern looms at work. Interior designers partner with us to bring their projects to life, tapping our textile expertise, knowledge of materials, and extensive customization capabilities.

Today, Fall River is on the verge of a design manufacture renaissance. Businesses are once again investing in local talent. Startups are moving into long-shuttered mills. And artists and designers from neighboring RISD are clearing the cobwebs from old factory floors to open studios and workshops.

Fall River has a new story to tell, and Merida is proud to be spearheading the next chapter, employing talented local craftspeople to bring textile innovation back to its American roots.

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Jan 15

Young Huh and Mark D. Sikes inspire with Crosspoint

We love featuring designers and their work (if you missed it, read this post to see where three designers took our latest collection). This month we invited Young Huh and Mark D. Sikes, two designers who’s interiors always inspire us, to create design boards with styles of their choice from our new Crosspoint Collection. Their results are an exciting mix of chic, classic, and inventive.

Young Huh
New York, NY -

Young Huh created a theme for an outstanding New York City apartment, with as much modern grace as welcoming touches. Her design is versatile, but makes a bold, elegant statement.

With impeccable attention to detail, Young’s projects are conceived and tailored to fit each client’s personality and needs. Fluent in a wide range of styles from historic to contemporary, Young’s interiors reflect her love of art and artisans, materials and textures. Young Huh Interiors is based New York City and works on projects across the country and abroad. “We constantly strive to bring a global point of view to our work. We love the challenge of incorporating new technologies and products into our designs and discovering those craftsmen who bring their unique skills to each project.”

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Mark D. Sikes
West Hollywood, CA -

Mark Sikes’ pulled from a stunning sunroom that he had already brought to life in a recent project. In a classic American style with unexpected touches, Mark’s design is timeless while remaining warm and functional.

Mark’s ability to seamlessly blend All-American classic style with both modern and European sensibilities has earned him immediate attention in the design community. He has developed a talent for creating spaces that perfectly balance beauty and function. Building on his success, Mark is currently working on multiple interior design projects throughout the U.S., including homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Montecito, Palm Springs, and Nashville.

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Jan 15

Young Huh Inspires With a Glamorous NYC Apartment


For our latest designer feature, Young Huh of Young Huh interiors created a spacious and chic inspiration board with a stunning and cohesive mix of styles. A blend of cool and warm with an eye for art and sculptural form, Young’s design is as inviting as it is refined.

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Young Huh:

When I create a design, I start with clean, classical lines, then add glamour, luxe and whimsical elements.  The balance will all depend on the client, the space, and the purpose.

Here we imagined a young professional who has purchased his first apartment in downtown New York.  He wants his home to be comfortable but he has an eye for design, art, and culture.  The Crosspoint rug warms the architecture of his Tribeca loft.  The Vladmir Kagan sofa is a cool counterpoint.  He loves modern art so he has chosen Lindsay Cowles wallpaper.  Sconces are Atelier de Troupe because he wants a current interpretation of modernist fixtures.

The Crosspoint Diamant with Rift border in midnight grounds any room.  It can live in a very traditional room or a contemporary one.  The quality, texture, and design are timeless and versatile.  It’s a crowd pleaser.

In addition to the apartment I’ve envisioned, I would love to see Crosspoint in a seating area in a boutique hotel.  The design would be warm, inviting, a bit dark and definitely glamorous.

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Jan 15

Mark D. Sikes Inspires With a Stunning Sunroom

For our latest design board project, Mark Sikes created a vibrant, classically elegant room sprinkled with diverse yet cohesive touches. Pulling from a variety of sources, Mark makes the details shine without disrupting the inviting balance of the room design.

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Mark D. Sikes:

I choose the Merida Crosspoint Diamant pattern in Desert Taupe because I felt like it created the perfect neutral foundation to the eclectic and modern room I designed. This blue and green room is a sunroom or sitting room. It’s a mix of upholstery, wicker occasional seating and iron accents with exotic touches in the antique Asian art panels and blue and white porcelain. I see it as the perfect place to sit and read a book or have a cocktail.

I see a modern woman living in this space who loves to travel and has a passion for fashion and art. This is a very worldly woman with great taste and style.

This room reflects my passion for blue and white not only with accents, but also in the blue and white throughout the fabrics. I love to create classic spaces that feel as if they could have been created twenty years ago or twenty years from now. I think this space has those qualities, and also has personality and elegance.

In my opinion Crosspoint can be used with just about any type of project. The patterns are subtle, yet interesting. They are the perfect graphic patterns to compliment a traditional room or a modern room, and of course like my room, I think the Crosspoint collection has a lot of style.

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