Custom Sustainable Furnishings by Jeff Soderbergh

Artist Jeff Soderbergh has been a leader in the reclaimed materials movement for over 20 years. He salvages wood, glass, and metal from old mills, farms, and demolition sites to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Since 1990, Soderbergh has been using furniture as a way to connect with history. He believes that by reusing materials, and even changing their intended use, creates a nostalgic connection with the original item. He does this by preserving the integrity of the material, and showing it off in a new setting. Each material comes with a story that can be told artistically giving each piece a special meaning. Soderbergh also maintains strong partnerships with the sources from which he gathers materials, making each story well researched and well-rounded.

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Based in Newport, RI, Soderbergh specifically works with materials from the Northeast from 1500-1950. However, his work has become so popular that he now uses materials from around the world to create his custom pieces. He is most well-known for a gorgeous table he created from the Vanderbilt family stable. The table was featured in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year. Soderbergh has also been praised in Architectural Digest, which called his work “gracefully green”.

Soderbergh is a pioneer of green furniture.  He creates headboards from church windows, chairs from mill equipment, and tables from barns. His eye for using architectural elements to create visual puns has put him at the top of a newly flourishing field of sustainable high-end furnishings.

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