Developing our new Thrive Collection

Over the last few months we’ve been talking about our partnership with Artists For Humanity and the rug design contest that the youth designers worked so hard on. We’ve been making steady progress on turning these amazing designs into beautiful wool area rugs, and things have really gotten moving in the last few weeks. I’m excited to announce that we will be introducing the Thrive Collection with AFH in mid-March at the Architectural Digest Home show in New York!

We’re calling the collection Thrive to symbolize our commitment to maintaining a vibrant arts community, preserving textile manufacturing in our home state, and sustaining a healthy environment. The three distinctive designs are described below.

  • Flourish is a repeating kaleidoscope of petals that evokes a lush, vibrant garden. Our cyclical environment and the repetitious imagery of flames and leaves inspired designer Kelsey Arbona to think about the infinite nature of patterns, leading her to this design.
  • Micro is a landscape of large, imperfect shapes that paradoxically reflects a tiny, delicate, and highly structured part of our world. Designer Alland Torchon wanted to create something to remind us that our planet is as fragile as it is nurturing. Although this rug is made to be walked on, it reminds us to tread lightly on the earth.
  • Pavo draws its name from the genus of the peacock, which is clearly the inspiration for this design by Massiel Grullon. Animal-inspired prints represent pride and natural beauty, and call to mind the other living things that we share our planet with.

The young designers who were selected to have their creations turned into area rugs did an amazing job designing beautiful motifs to represent their own personal views on sustainability. Our Creative Director, Maegan Fee, used her tufting and color trend expertise to modify the designs to work with our  equipment, and she also selected color combinations that are either trend-right for 2010, or simpler and easier to live with.

Here are a couple of shots from the tufting screen during our color and design tests this week. We can’t wait to reveal the full collection!

Samples of our new Thrive Collection (pre-shearing!) on the tufter in Fall River. Pavo on the left and top right, Micro on bottom right.

Testing out another colorway of the Micro design. The long strands will be sheared off after the samples are finished and cut off the screen.

Stay tuned next week for a “behind the scenes” look at our Thrive Collection photo shoot!


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