Dunn & Tighe inspire with a blend of modern and classic

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Several top designers were asked to give their take on a creative use for patterns from our new Tailormade collection. Dunn & Tighe Interiors of Bronxville, New York envisioned a refined Great Room space that mixes a neutral palette with pops of color.

dunn-and-tighe-design boarddunn-and-tighe design boarddunn-and-tighe-design boarddunn and tighe design board wool rugs


Merida: How does this reflect your unique style, and the style of the client? Can you see Tailormade in other types of designs?

Dunn & Tighe: With a design philosophy resulting in sophisticated, elegant environments infused with warmth and ease, we blended our appreciation of contemporary in a minimalist manner along with the simplicity and elegance of classic designs. The result is an interplay of form and function that enlivens a room revealing the client’s personality.

These aesthetics lend themselves beautifully to the Tailormade collection, which is both versatile and unique.  The undyed wools are rich, textural, and dynamic – which we feel is a great starting point in building a room.

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