Farmhouse in the heart of Sagaponack

As seen in the December 2012 issue of Elle Décor.

When a successful couple (a CEO of a lifestyle brand and a photographer) bought a farmhouse on eastern Long Island for their family of four, many of their neighbors assumed that they would tear it down and build a mansion in its place. The neighbors were pleasantly surprised when the couple kept the farmhouse and handed the project to a New York and East Hampton based designer, Robert Stilin.

Photo Credit: Elle Décor, December 2012

Stilin’s minimalist style and incredible attention to detail is visible throughout the 4,000 square foot building. To maintain the farmhouse look and feel, Stilin used earthy tones of leather and wooden furniture while adding warmth and color through paintings and linens. Clean lines and curves seen in details such as antlers and pieces of driftwood reflect the customer’s photography inspiration and attraction to contours.

Photo Credit: Elle Décor, December 2012

Robert Stilin added texture to the floors of this Sagaponack gem with Bali jute rugs in Natural color. “We chose Bali jute for it’s natural fiber properties, soft feel, and its subtle and neutral textural background that adds to the furniture, layered rugs and architecture”, says Rajaie N. Khoury from the Robert Stilin design team.

Photo Credit: Elle Décor, December 2012

Stilin preserved the original farmhouse charm by creating a comfortable living space that works for large gatherings as well as low-key family weekend getaways. As a great compliment to Stilin, the family says, “Some people like things perfect and new. And big, big, big. We just like things to feel like us.”

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