Introducing Three New Jutes

new jute koh lipe

Introducing three gorgeous new styles in our very popular jute collection. These unique designs feature both braided and woven constructions, crafted by hand or with a traditional wooden loom. With names inspired by the natural color and beauty of beaches around the world, our jute rugs mimic the flowing patterns of waves and sand dunes.

Koh Lipe in Bay

Koh Lipe in Bay

Koh Lipe features a new spin on heavy basket weave construction. Special jute yarns are hand-twisted to create the smooth, strong weft yarns that run horizontally. Each length of special jute yarn is hand made by twisting together selected jute fibers.

Koh Lipe in Gold

Koh Lipe in Gold

This twisted jute yarn creates a bold pattern and contrasts with the smaller, braided warp yarn adding depth and reflecting the different techniques that go into creating each jute rug. Like all of our jute rugs, Koh Lipe and Pattaya are un-dyed. The range in fiber colors is naturally occurring.

Pattaya jute in summer

Pattaya in Summer

With a similar construction to our Bora Bora rugs, Pattaya is intertwined with more finely braided jute yarns. These rugs are hand braided from end to end without the use of any looms or machines, creating a truly unique final product. Additionally, at our Boston workshops we add a variety of finishing techniques to further customize jute rugs.

Watch below to see some of our Jute rugs being braided and constructed:


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  1. Carol Dressel

    Dear Merida,
    Are any of your rugs suited for outside,uncovered use?


    • Hello Carol,

      currently we do not have any rugs suitable for outdoor use. The chemicals that make that make outdoor rugs strong and durable are not the most sustainable so it’s very challenging to produce rugs that are beautiful, durable as well as good for the environment. However, I’m sure that our very talented R&D team will have something ready to launch in foreseeable future.

  2. on Page 71 of July or June Architectual Digest interested in jute rug .Need to know the price for a 8×10 plus freight.thank you.JR Bianco

  3. How can these jute rugs be cleaned?

    • Hi Peggy,
      Merida strongly recommends using a non-beater bar vacuum for general, regular cleaning; for spot treatments, we recommend a dry extraction cleaning system such as Host Spot Treatment. You should be able to find Host or similar dry cleaning products at your local hardware store, or you can order a kit from us. Using liquid on any natural fibers, especially jute, is not recommended. Its also important to blot or gently scrape up anything you can before cleaning a spot. You can find more cleaning info on our website: Merida Care and Maintenance