Lonny Loves Natural Area Rugs

We’re really excited to share some great media coverage that we recently received in the April/May issue of Lonny Magazine. Lonny is a new online publication dedicated to “accessible design.” Since this is the magazine’s first sustainability-focused issue, we’re thrilled to be included in two sections!

The story of our new e-commerce web site, Merida Home, is told in a fantastic 2-page spread that includes photos of our rugs (including the new Thrive Collection) and production processes. We love that the Lonny editors we worked with were able to include some beautiful photos from our overseas suppliers, too!

Lonny’s editor-in-chief, Michelle Adams, also made an appearance in the issue to report on some sustainable updates that she recently made to her New York apartment. As part of the re-design, Michelle included a beautiful Abaca rug in the living room to avoid the chemical emissions from synthetic carpets. In the article accompanying the photos of her apartment, Michelle noted that her Abaca rug could actually be chopped up and used as compost if she ever decided to get rid of it!

Check the magazine out online at The article on Merida Home is on page 40-41, and the Abaca rug is pictured on page 72, 76-77 and 92. A couple of screenshots from the issue are below!

Front cover of the April/May Sustainability issue of Lonny!

"Green Mission" story about Merida Home and our sustainability efforts.

EIC Michelle Adams' gorgeous and sustainable New York apartment features a Merida Abaca rug in the living room!

View our Abaca collection, request samples and create quotes here!

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