The Rebirth of Moko

The pairing of smooth wool and organic raw sisal has long been coveted in the rug industry for the soft, luxurious texture that results.  As such, Moko has been one of our top selling products for over a decade.  Always one to strive to stay fresh and on trend, we recognized it was time to give Moko a little facelift.  Thus was born 4 luxurious new colors: Ashburton, Wyndham, Kapua and Cromwell.

Moko in Ashburton

Ashburton features pure, clean cream wool reminiscent of the soft whites of clouds floating in the sky, paired with sleek silver sisal flecked with white.  Ashburton reads cool and pairs well with any palate.  This is the ideal way to add texture to a neutral room, or can provide a light base for bright colors and/or bold patterns.

Moko in Wyndham

Wyndham is the warmest of the new color family and takes on a deep heathered beige look.  The wool is a rustic moth color that is complimented by the marriage of warm golden tones and pale silvers seen in the sisal weave.

Moko in Kapua

The on-trend Kapua blends beautiful gray wool with our popular silver sisal.  This neutral color is a great way to add subtle interest and texture to a room.  It pairs well with both warm and cool color palates and works with contemporary and traditional interiors.

Moko in Cromwell

If you’re looking to add depth to and ground a space go with Moko in our new Cromwell color.  The charcoal wool pops against the dark royal blue and warm gold sisal, enhancing the juxtaposition of the two fibers and emphasizing the rich texture.

Let us know what you think of our fresh new Moko color palate!

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  1. I love your products, the quality, style and constant innovations.

    Are you at High Point?

    Magdalena Bogart