New Jute Techniques

Craftsmanship is not just using high quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Craftsmanship is creativity, versatility and a hands-on approach. At Merida, we are frequently amazed by the expertise of our own craftsmen. Our workers have the skill-set to improvise when faced with a challenging custom rug design. Custom Rug Team Leader Steven Ho demonstrates this willingness to take on challenges as he seams together two large Bali jute rugs by hand.

Member of our Boston workshop Thanh was inspired to create a variety of unheard-of finishing and seaming techniques using vegetable fiber rug remnants. As the following pictures demonstrate, Merida now has a number of new custom options for vegetable fiber rugs as a result of Thanh’s experimentation:

Jute Rug Seaming Pinterest Board
Click on the image above to see more seaming capabilities on our Pinterest board

For more info on our inventive new Jute fabrication techniques, call (800) 345-2200


  1. I do love the MERIDA style and craftsman ship. Thank you for sharing the binding and seaming techniques with the public.

    As interior designer I always want to know, how things are made and how much care goes into them to create something of lasting beauty.

    • Magdalena, thanks for the wonderful and extremely valuable feedback. If you have any other suggestions about the topics that you would like to see more of please don’t hesitate to share.