Feb 16

Collaborations and Collections in 2016

Merida expands portfolio with 4 collections for 2016, featuring luxurious yarns, handwoven rugs, and new designer collaborations

Collaborations with Ashe+Leandro and Mark D Sikes showcase inventive techniques and design possibilities

Merida, a leading textile producer with design and manufacturing facilities in Fall River, Massachusetts, announces four new collections for 2016, starting with two designer capsule collections created in collaboration with Merida’s in-house design team. These new offerings will expand Merida’s handwoven and tufted categories, and introduce alpaca, merino, and mohair wools to the company’s growing portfolio.

Merida’s Creative Director Roxanne Hanna says all four collections, which have been two years in the making, open up an underserved space in the market for modern rugs that capture the essence of traditional weaving techniques. “They showcase Merida’s unique ability to identify and connect the best materials, techniques, and ideas – from our in-house design team to our collaborators and our weaving partners around the globe – to invent something that hasn’t been seen before.”


Starting in March 2016, Merida will launch the first of two designer collaborations, with New York based designer/architect duo, Ashe+Leandro ( The capsule collection will feature handwoven sisal and suede rugs, inspired by nomadic Tuareg (TWAH-REG) design motifs. Co-developed with Merida’s Fall River-based design team, the rugs will be woven in Brazil, and available in five designs and multiple colorways.


A second collaboration will follow in May, with LA-based interior/fashion designer Mark D Sikes ( The collection will feature wool dhurries and sisal blend area rugs, all handwoven by Merida’s weaving partners in India & Brazil, with 20 SKU’s with the option of custom coloring.


When asked why she chose to work with these designers in particular, Ms. Hanna says that, in addition to their talents and openness to sharing ideas, each brought something that she knew would complement Merida’s design vision in categories she wanted to revitalize. “I love Tuareg rugs and saw that Ashe+Leandro were using them in their design projects,” says Ms. Hanna.“Ariel [Ashe] asked if we could translate and modernize a vintage version to control size and color for a specific project. Our partner in Brazil was so excited by the challenge they wove several samples and before we knew it, a collaboration was born.”

Mark D Sikes has been collecting vintage dhurries for years and incorporates them into his projects. “We have always wanted to add handwoven wool dhurries to our portfolio,” says Ms.Hanna. “Collaborating with Mark provides us with a collection that is crisp, classic, and all-American. The collection will also incorporate a selection of handwoven sisal rugs designed to complement the dhurries, for a layered look that Mark is known for.”

In addition to these designer collaborations, Merida will launch two new collections in the summer and fall. The first collection is a luxurious tufted rug program that utilizes alpaca and merino wool, with designs inspired by watercolor painting.

On the heels of this will come a new collection that features mohair and undyed wools, inspired by Mediterranean design motifs. This collection will highlight the softness of mohair while combining complex weaving techniques.

Ms. Hanna says she is excited to introduce new fibers like alpaca and mohair into Merida’s portfolio. “Both fibers add softness, depth, and luxury, and help elevate the flatweave and tufted categories.”

“We are thrilled to be introducing these four new collections,” says Catherine Connolly, Merida’s CEO and Owner. “I believe they will provide designers with fresh takes on timeless rugs, such as dhurries, and bring innovation to the handwoven and flatweave categories. We look forward to working with designers to bring these beautiful new rugs into their projects.”

Merida's Creative Team


Feb 16

It’s in the Mix: New Sisal Colors

We’re proud to present unique and refined new colors of four of our best selling sisals and sisal blends, expertly mixed and dyed in the 12-step spinning process pioneered by our Belgian mill. As with our entire portfolio of Belgian sisals, these new colors have the unparalleled brightness and sheen characteristic of highest grade fibers. We only use the best fibers and take our time with color mixing so that every colorway meets our standard for quality, versatility, and depth.

Colorways “Snow” and “Autumn Light” were fine-tuned in a collaborative process that took over a year and many color mix iterations. “Snow” is a blushier take on light silver and white, while “Autumn Light” has the subtle warm glow of straw. Other hues include a cooler gray, a rich bronze, and two textural wool & sisal mixes.

Whether as a striking stair runner or a foundational layer in the expression of a scheme, these new sisals and sisal blends have the versatility, quality, and restraint to be reliable go-to options time and again.

Madagascar in Autumn Light

Agave Superior in Autumn Light

A bit of the inspiration for "Autumn Light." From Creative Director Roxanne Hanna, @MeridaStudio on Instagram.

Cortina in Avalanche

Broadway in Snow

Madagascar in Snow

Agave Superior in Storm Cloud

Cortina in Mineral

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Dec 15

A Letter from CEO Catherine Connolly

As we head towards 2016 I thought I would take a moment to share some highlights from our past year and our ideas for the year ahead.  For us, 2015 was focused on expressing our design point of view through our Fall River design-manufacturing lens.  Our team introduced two new collections, Crosspoint and Tissage, that combined innovative weaving constructions and unique hand-finishing techniques with heritage looms. The market response to both of these collections has been remarkable. The other major highlight of our year has been the opening of our new boutique showroom space within Harbinger by Hand in the La Cienega Design Quarter in LA.  We have long admired Joe Lucas for his talent, generosity of spirit and vision with Harbinger, and are thrilled to partner with him. We launched the Merida boutique at Harbinger in October.

In 2016 we plan to build on the work we have been doing to hone our craftsmanship and design expertise by focusing intently on our relationships.  We realize that a huge part of our ability to succeed as a textile manufacturer in Massachusetts depends on the depth of our relationships from our partners to our clients.  We know that deep connections yield substantive value for all involved.  This value creation in turn elevates the work that all of us do in the design industry. You will see us really focusing our energy on these key relationships in the year ahead.

We have a stunning line-up of new products in the works that our Creative Director Roxanne Hanna and her team have been working on for more than 18 months, including two designer capsule collections and two new collections from our Fall River mill.  We can’t wait to introduce all of these collections to the design community.

The most important message I would like to convey to you is gratitude.  We all feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such extraordinarily talented designers.  We watch in awe as you gracefully juggle the demands of running a business and creating incredible projects.  The world is definitely a more beautiful place due to the work you do and we are grateful to be a part of this important work.

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year and sharing a conversation, a meal, a glass of wine or hopefully all of the above.

Warmest wishes for a year filled with good health, great joy and tremendous success.


Dec 15

Merida and Joe Lucas Host a Private Dinner in NYC

Following the opening of our new boutique showroom space inside Harbinger by Hand in LA, we — alongside Joe Lucas — took the celebration to the East Coast with dinner, drinks, and friends at a private residence on Broome Street in NYC. Over 50 of our clients joined us for the festivities, as well as Fromental and Lance Wovens — two of our neighbors at Harbinger by Hand.

Harbinger by Hand is an expansion of Joe Lucas’ already well-curated showroom, Harbinger, focusing on companies who are dedicated to craftsmanship and innovative design. We wanted to bring our celebration to the east coast and round up a diverse yet like-minded group in the spirit of partnership.

The catering by The Cleaver Co. was casual and elegant, just right for a charming dinner party among friends. The Cleaver Co.’s mission is to support the regional food and farm economy, sourcing nearly everything from local farmers and producers. Their focus on quality and the details behind creation of the final product resonated with us.

Merida’s East Coast Business Development Director, Siobhan Kelley, reflected on the party’s lively atmosphere: “Being at a private residence created an intimacy you don’t always find in the city. Everyone was really able to come away inspired by new connections and insightful conversation.”

Joe Lucas of Harbinger with Catherine Connolley, Siobhan Kelley, Roxanne Hanna, and Zairo Cheibub of Merida.

Roxanne with Alex Gaston and Mark Cunningham of Mark Cunningham Inc., and Ariel Ashe of Ashe + Leandro.

Celerie Kemble, Catherine, and Malcolm James Kutner.

Becky Birdwell of RH Birdwell, Lee Ann Thornton of Lee Ann Thornton Interiors, and Melissa Mittag of Fromental.

Shawn Henderson, Katrina Hernandez of Hernandez Greene, and Andrew Law

Nicki Clendening of Scout Designs NYC and Anne Maxwell Foster of Tilton Fenwick.

Matt McKay of Sawyer Berson, Sydney Maag, and Zak Profera of ZAK + FOX.

Lindsey Coral Harper of Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors.

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