Southern California Style with Bonesteel Trout Hall

How do you define Southern California style? Bonesteel Trout Hall provide the answer with a complete renovation of a Pacific Palisades Bluffs residence. Drawing inspiration from the local landscape and vibe, including nearby Santa Monica beach, Bonesteel Trout Hall completed and furnished the project from top to bottom, including the use of a Merida sisal rug.

broadway sisal run in palisades bluffs

image by Bonesteel Trout Hall

At Merida we are inspired by Bonesteel Trout Hall’s choice of a Broadway Tupelo rug for the living room, as it illustrates the pattern’s enduring, classic style. Designer Michelle Trout explained their choice of the Broadway pattern, remarking that the rug is, “the perfect texture and color to play off that coastal vibe we were looking for.” Designer M. Frederick has similarly said of Broadway Tupelo, “It’s a product that works as well in an Upper East Side residence as it does in a California beach house or a transitional space in Brentwood.” Broadway has been and remains one our most versatile designs.

With over 20 years behind their philosophy of “Creating Southern California Beauty,” Bonesteel Trout Hall has a style-defining pedigree. This Palisades Bluffs home is a perfect example of Southern California charm. According to Michelle, this renovation was conceived with “a young, athletic, and casual family in mind.”

sinks light palisades bluffs

image by Bonesteel Trout Hall

The home features elements that draw the outdoors in, with natural- and ocean-themed objects sprinkled throughout. An energetic, informal spirit is captured by casual-yet-elegant whites, tans, greens, blues, and oranges, in shades that are organic and fresh.

living room palisades bluffs

image by Bonesteel Trout Hall

The design reflects Bonesteel Trout Hall’s inspiration and signature style. Michelle explained that, “the unique inspirations were the proximity to the Santa Monica Bay shoreline, the relaxed lifestyle of the clients, and the fact that they wanted a casual, ‘no fuss’ vibe.” The trio completed the entire project, from interior finishing, to furnishings, to accessories, plants and more.

Bonesteel Trout Hall are based in Pacific Palisades, but can bring their signature style of Southern California Beauty to wherever a project is located.

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