Specialty shops. Boutique hotels. Residential lobbies.

Introducing Urbana, a sisal designed for both the high-end fashion boutique and the charming residence. An innovative sisal treated for fire-, stain-, and liquid-resistance at the fiber level, Urbana sets a new standard for natural durability and beauty.

In addition to the fiber mixing for color, consistency, and shine that our sisal yarn goes through, the sisal fibers in Urbana are treated with stain resistant solution before they are spun and woven. Other stain resistant rugs use a topical surface treatment after weaving that wears off much more quickly and is not locked in to the fibers. Urbana allows us to continue using the finest natural sisal fibers and provide additional, reliable, and innovative stain and liquid protection.

The offices of an influential NYC design firm, and foley&cox’s welcoming lounge for the Architectural Digest Home Show are just two of the many top interiors that Urbana has already found its way in to.

One corner of the sample library at a top New York design firm, Urbana freshly installed.

Urbana functions equally well as area rugs or in a wall-to-wall application. foley&cox used large Urbana rugs to create an intimate space in the vast AD Home Show, layering Tailormade wool rugs on top.

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