Spring Preview: Collaboration & Techniques

What is essential to the creative process here at Merida is collaboration. The thread that binds all of our latest designs is the development of new techniques through this collaborative process. We’ve created new finishing techniques from customer requests, expanded cross-education amongst our own expert craftsmen, and developed a full line of rugs with textile designer John Mahoney. John’s tufted designs are the result of months of refinement and pushing our tufting machine to its aesthetic limits. These wool and wool & linen creations (Ming, Riadh, Sumi, Emir) are the highlight of our spring release.

tufted wool & linen rug samples

Many of our new products from our Massachusetts textile design facility were born out of collaboration on projects with our customers. Our in-house looms and robotic hand tufting machines give us the flexibility to develop new products as rapidly as on a project-to-project basis, while providing low minimums and short lead times. From switching out yarns to creating a unique twist on a current design to building a bespoke rug from the ground up, our local workshop makes it happen quickly and collaboratively. As we work with designers to create these rugs, we expand our capabilities and fuel product development. One of these unique creations evolved into a full product line called Thatch. Designed in collaboration with a prominent interior designer this wool & linen product from our dobby loom is deceptively robust and versatile.

Thatch - Wool & Linen

Thatch - Wool & Linen

Our upcoming releases for this Spring continue this tradition of collaboration and expand on our library of finishing capabilities. New Sisal (Stratum) and Wool & Sisal (Tweed) designs created in partnership with our Belgian suppliers continue our use of the finest natural fibers in the world and add a twist to some timeless patterns (Bleecker).

New Sisal and Sisal/Wool blends from Beligium

New From Belgium

We hope you’ll keep an eye out for these exciting releases in the coming weeks. To view and pre-order the latest designs, or to talk to us about bringing your latest inspiration to life, call our Customer Solutions team at 800-345-2200 or log in to Merida Customer Center.

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