Things You May Not Know About Wool

As the temperature here in Boston is approaching single digits we are looking for ways to stay warm. One obvious way is layering wool rugs on floors. But wool doesn’t just keep you warm…

Humans have used wool for over 10,000 years for its thermo regulating properties, comfort, durability, and moisture control. Wool’s density and fiber structure are essential in reducing heating and cooling energy requirements. On a cold day, wool rugs will prevent heat from rising and will keep the room warm and cozy, whereas on a hot day it will trap the cold air indoors, keeping the room cool and comfortable. Wool can also absorb over 40% of its weight in moisture before it starts feeling wet. This can be very useful in areas of high air moisture content.

Chain Link from Made in Massachusetts Collection

Wool is naturally flame resistant as it smolders instead of burning, which makes it very popular for floor insulation in residential and commercial spaces. This fiber is also very durable and resistant to staining, so you can be sure that if properly cared for, your wool rug will last a long time.

Craze - Ice Storm from Celerie Kemble by Merida Collection

All these features are just added benefits to wool’s most popular quality – look and feel. Wool is a very soft and highly versatile fiber and can be dyed in any shade of color. However, some people are attracted to wool’s natural un-dyed state, and are opting for an organic look as seen in our products Basket Weave, Ribbed Stripe, and Tight Loop.

Waffle Weave from Made in Massachusetts Collection

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  1. Now I want a wool rug! You were soooo right! I didn’t know that much about wool! It sounds like a great fabric to have in FL.