Sweater Collection

I’m excited to announce my newest collection of floor coverings launching early 2010, the Sweater Collection! Inspired by my travels to Sweden and sheep shearing in New Zealand, I wanted to create a 100% wool floor covering that had the look and feel of a knitted sweater. I’ve always loved knitted constructions ever since I purchased a knitting machine to create chunky, wool scarves back in college! This drive to accessorize with chunky knits lead me to create sweaters for the floor.

IMG_4723Inspiration board displaying textures in knitted fashions

I wanted to translate knit construction into a durable, woven floor covering. So, I work with a felted, crimped wool and undyed yarns to create a unique texture and color for the woolly surface.

IMG_4722Pictures of unique knitted constructions and soft color palettes

The first samples I wove were on our handloom at Merida’s Fall River facility. From these original samples, the designs were translated┬áto weave on our mechanical Dobby looms. The combination of the crimped yarn and honeycomb weave made the sweater construction come alive!


The two designs woven off our mechanical looms in Fall River

The rugs texture in both designs creates a cozy blanket of wool, warming the floor!



  1. I can’t wait for this collection to come out. It is beautiful and extremely unique! I love knitted sweaters.

  2. These sweater rugs seem perfect for the wicked winter weather we’ve been having…What a novel idea from a very creative designer!