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Oct 10

Merida’s 8 Color Trends for 2011

It’s that time of year again! Our color boards are complete and we’re excited to finally share them with you! We’ve collected all the latest trend information for fashion and interiors to use in planning 2011 new concepts and product introductions. We were right on target in 2010 and are very confident for 2011!

Our trend forecasts have been gathered from top fashion and interior design magazines and as a member of the Color Marketing Group and through attending seminars such as Design Boston at Boston’s Design Center, we get first hand information as well as in depth analysis into each color and pattern combinations about to hit the market! Without further ado, let’s get straight to the trends.

Merida’s 8 Color Trends for 2011!

2011 Color Trend #1: Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer Night’s Dream is a theatrical expression of color and emotion. It has a dramatic combination of Boudreaux reds mixed with rich plum and olive greens. It’s as if the colors were pulled from a winery. The textures consist of luxurious surfaces such as velvets, brocades and taffeta and are used together in the same composition to create an over the top display.

2011 Color Trend #2: Daybreak

One of our favorite combinations revealing a new twist on a retro feel! For us, this palette reflects the colors that glow at the first ray of light when the sun hits the earth each morning. The washed out acidic tones of celery greens, chartreuse, corals, blush and camels are refreshing and new. The hazy atmosphere tries to wash out the saturated colors, but they still are illuminated.

2011 Color Trend 3: Forrest

Forrest is rugged and rustic with it’s down to earth color combination.  Olive oil and army greens ranging from light lime to deep avocado are paired with each other in the same palette. Each green is typically combined with a deep chocolate, cream  or camel. Rich textures of fleece, fur and leathers lend themselves well to the theme.

2011 Color Trend 4: Mystic Blue

Mysterious and intriguing, the unusual combination of indigos, icy grays and camel tones define our Mystic Blue category.  The cool blues are warmed up by the use of the rich browns and camels to create a deep, sophisticated palette.

2011 Color Trend 5: Roaring Red

Making a fierce, evocative statement, Roaring Red stands bold and confidently with a nod to an Asian influence. Glossy lipstick tones of red paired with heavy contrasts of black and white allow for the vibrant color to pop. You’ll also start seeing these reds paired with quieter tones of navy and camel to soften the palette and highlight silhouettes.

2011 Color Trend 6: Warming up Black & White

Here we are starting to see mid range neutral tones warm up rooms of harsh black and white. It’s a softening of the usual heavy contrast by using ivory as a base color and white as an accent. Oak, tan and ivory are paired with deep black giving depth to the space they encompass.

2011 Color Trend 7: Black Ice

Black Ice is unexpected and refreshing, going against traditional fashion taboos of combining deep blue with black. Deep, dark, rich tones of cobalt, navy and midnight black reveal themselves with highlights of icy white and silver.

2011 Color Trend 8: White on White

Fresh, clean and without any color at all, this trend uses all shades of white to define its palette. This trend reminds us of  priming a canvas with gesso before painting however, once it’s been primed you decide the picture is complete! No need for frills or explosions of color, just a calm, simple serene atmosphere is the goal to express a very strong, controlled environment.

Share your opinion on how accurate our predictions are by filling out this brief survey. We appreciate your feedback!

Oct 10

Merida’s Best of the Year 2010

2010 has been a groundbreaking year for Merida and you’ve been a big part of that.  We’ve been flattered with all the interest, feedback and encouragement we’ve received from the design community. We’ve been able to turn that into what we feel are our most innovative, sustainable and sexy products in years.

Now we hope our 2010 products take next step in validating our belief that sustainability IS good design.  You can help by supporting our entries in Interior Design’s Best of the Year Awards! You may vote for one or all. Your support is crucial in helping us do out part to further sustainable design practices and ultimately make a difference.

Please take a few minutes and vote for the following 2010 products:

Broadloom Category: PURE


Why: Priced to be accessible to a very broad group of consumers, Pure is 100% natural, un-dyed, 100% wool, contains no harmful chemicals and can actually be composted at the end of its life cycle! In a world of petroleum based broadloom, PURE is poised to make a difference. 

Rugs Category: SWEATER


Why: Inspired by our creative director’s curiosity for knitted textiles and the sense of warmth and comfort they convey. The Sweater rug collection speaks to a knitted textile’s construction and texture, while offering a cozy and durable surface with the look of a knitted sweater.

Eco Products: MANDACARU


Why: The first un-backed sisal construction we have ever seen, it sheds the adhered backing which makes recycling difficult. Even better, Mandacaru was developed in our Brazilian co-op which thrives in a closed loop sustainable community that is supported by the sale of these products.

Hard Floor Coverings: VELEDO


Why: Nothing says “sustainability can be sexy” like the uber chic Veledo. Created from scrap leather in a facility that returns cleaner air and water to the environment than it takes in, this leather plank installs without nails or glue and is just making its debut in the US. 

Sep 10

Jodie Shields Gives Personality to a Chicago Loft Using Roman Grey Parquet

Jodie Shields the creative force behind Home and Haven Designs in Evanston, Illinois believes that interior designs should reflect the tastes and personalities of the occupants more so than the designer. As such, she uses her talents to meld together what can seem like disparate looks, themes and materials to create harmonious spaces with truly unique personalities.

Home and Haven Chicago Loft

Photo by Nick Provost

Recently Jodie was asked to take on a project in an eclectic Old Town Loft in Chicago;  “empty-nesters” were looking update their space and to give it more of their unique style. This style included a passion for Native American textiles, unique family heirlooms and modern home furnishings.

Jodie Shields Old Town Loft

Photo by Nick Provost

Jodie chose materials with texture and geometric patterns in earthy tones to provide the necessary bridge between the furnishings and artwork. Two Merida Roman Grey Parquet rugs in adjoining living rooms were used to connect the loft into a unified living space, rich with texture and bold yet comfortable pattern.

Old Town Loft Jodie Shields

Photo by Nick Provost

We found the finished both stunning and dramatic. We love her approach to creating spaces by focusing on the occupants and we think you’ll agree that the results are inspirational.

Old Town Loft Jodie Shields

Photo by Nick Provost

If you’d like to learn more about this project or about Home and Haven Designs please contact Jodie at:

Home and Haven Designs
1578 Oak Avenue, #1
Evanston, Illinois 60201

If you have a Design Project you would like to submit for our review please send photos and concepts to

Sep 10

Fall in Manhattan with Merida!

Fall in Manhattan is one our favorite times. With vacation season over the humidity is displaced by crisp fall air and the hustle and bustle unique to Manhattan is re-energized. Fall is also the time for fashion in Manhattan, when exciting new fashion trends appear and the year’s best products are proudly displayed ahead of what the entire city hopes will be a busy holiday season.

In 2010 Merida is thrilled to be part of the fall fashion and energy in Manhattan. One can see Merida showcased in three premier spots for less than an $8 cab fare. Merida will also be holding an invitation only party at a fourth location to celebrate a groundbreaking year of unique products.

ABC Carpet and Home

In September Merida completed its new boutique inside ABC. With nearly eight acres of selling space, ABC is the largest rug and carpet store in the world, attracting about a million visitors each year.

At 881 Broadway you’ll find more than 35,000 rugs in neat piles and on racks lining every inch of the 350,000 square foot building. Walk straight ahead and take the escalator up and before you the Merida Boutique will appear like an island in a sea of carpet.

The Merida Boutique features Veledo, our recycled leather flooring which by the way, is the only hard flooring sold in the building. Along with the innovative new Veledo you can see Merida’s new designer sample boxes, signage, shelving units and a generous supply of new products including Sweater, Pure and Broadway and our new Brazilian sisals.

Merida Boutique at ABC Carpet

Showtime House

At 70 West 45th Street stands the CASSA Hotel and Residences, NYC – “the newest iconic building in the heart of Manhattan”. Within the CASSA Hotel you’ll find the 2010 Showtime House open now through October 24th. Cable’s Showtime Network celebrates its hit television series each year by challenging celebrity interior designers to use their most creative, edgy and artistic ideas to design no-holds-barred rooms that embody the spirit of the shows they represent.

Two of the most acclaimed rooms are the meticulous “Weeds” room by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Brooklyn and the dangerously cool “Dexter” room by Los Angeles designer Jeff Andrews. Both designers chose Merida to play very integral parts in their creative visions.

The Weeds room features a Merida Viewpoint Gardenia rug to ground the tightly arranged patterns and colors. Viewpoint is one of our favorite rugs and we are thrilled to see it included. Viewpoint is incredibly durable and customizable and is really heating up as a popular hospitality product so perhaps it’s fitting that its being showcased as the CASSA Hotel and Residences, NYC!

Showtime House Weeds Room

The Dexter room uses our innovative new recycled leather flooring, Veledo. For this room the entire space is covered with our black-as-night crocodile pattern. This is the same product used in the ABC boutique and it’s interesting to note the different feel the colors and patters each bring to their respective spaces.

Showtime House Dexter Room

Merida Soirée at The London Hotel

Heading over to 151 West 54th St. you may find us setting up for our first ever press event featuring our new ground breaking products for 2010: Sweater, Veledo and Pure. This event will be attended by some of the top editors and designers in the industry. Merida will also simulcast the event to another launch party happening in their home offices back in Boston.

The London Hotel NYC Atrium

If you are located in Manhattan or can get there you should definitely check out these amazing Merida products on display. If you do check them out we’d love to hear from you.

It’s a busy time at Merida but stay tuned because Manhattan is just the beginning. Next up: Merida Style in San Francisco!