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Jul 10

Maegan Ties the Knot with a Creative Twist on Colors

Some of you may know me as Maegan Fee, Merida’s Creative Director. I’m now Maegan Gaffey after my June 19th, 2010 wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn on Southport Island, Maine. It was a weekend event where all family and friends were welcome to stay at the beautiful inn filled with an itinerary of fun activities!

At Merida I’m constantly staying on top of color trends and bringing them into our products. I took the same approach with designing my wedding and I wanted to share the inspiration behind the design. I’m thrilled with how all the elements came together and my vision for a refreshing twist on a vintage inspired wedding came to life!

With this vision, I was able to pick my colors and start designing the details. My palette consisted of Fuchsia and Turquoise as the bold tones, and Chartreuse, Black and Gold as the accents. I started with the creation of my invitations and allowed those elements to tie everything else together.

The pattern that covers the invitation actually was influenced by the bridesmaids dresses. I wanted to showcase this pattern on the invitation to give guests a sneak peak of what was to come. Inside, was a fabric wallet created to hold all the important information for the weekend such as, the Itinerary, Map and RSVP Card. My hope was that guests would actually use the wallets throughout the weekend and eventually have a keepsake afterward.

I chose to work with talented local artists to help in the creation of the invitation. I worked closely with Cassandra Flinn, a graphic designer out of Rhode Island, to come up with a unique style and layout. The fabric wallet was created by Carrie Saunders from Anna Street Studio. Both artists were awesome to work with and were open to my ideas as well as contributing theirs to come up with an incredible presentation!

The bridesmaids were all very excited about the bold, patterned, nontraditional dress I found for them at Anthropologie. I kept their flowers and hair simple and clean to allow the dress to breathe.

Peonies in a bright fuchsia popped and made for a strong statement against the bold pattern. I accessorized each with a peonies hair clip, and a topaz pendant and earrings from Sarah Richardson’s jewelry collection, Pebble. Their bouquets were all wrapped with fuchsia ribbon and sealed with a vintage rhinestone pin I found at various shops throughout Maine.

The rest of the wedding party all represented the bight pink and turquoise either in their attire or as an accessory. Carrie used the remaining material and ribbon from the fabric wallets and created a matching ring pillow, which was a great way to bring the elements together.

I even had my own pink accessories to fit in with the rest! As for my Monique Lhuillier dress, I feel in love with the vintage lace and sleek silhouette. I thought it worked perfectly into my theme!

The Inn was the ideal backdrop with it’s clean lines and classic architecture. Located right on the point of the Island, the scenery was amazing! We worked with an incredible photographer, Robin Nathan, who captured my vision beautifully. The detail and pops of color really came through her photos to help tell the story.

Jul 10

Brock Moran Home Chooses an Agave Superior Rug to Achieve Livable Luxury

This week we found another gorgeous and inviting North Carolina home that we think you will enjoy. Brock Moran Home, a Charlotte, North Carolina based home furnishing store founded by Brock McLendon, designed this beautiful lakeside home with a vision of livable luxury. To achieve the look, they paired unique textures together in a sophisticated color palette of tans, browns, grays and greens and topped it off with a few inviting splashes of color.

Merida’s Agave Superior rug in Quarry adds natural texture that offsets the plush velvety surface of the sofa and smooth hardwood floors. The rug adds visual interest and dimension to the room without distracting from the striking zebra ottoman resting on it. The Quarry color picks up coloring throughout the room without blending or getting lost in the other pieces.

Brock Moran Home did a fantastic job on this house – we’re dying to cozy up on the couch and take in the beautiful surroundings.

View additional Agave Superior colorways, see specs, and create a rug quote here.

Jun 10

The Jute Sprouting Effect

Jute rugs commonly experience something called “sprouting”. Sprouting is observed in the form of small fibers sticking up from the rug for a period after it’s installed.

Sprouting is common, and requires nothing more than clipping down the fibers that have popped up. The process is similar to the initial shedding of a wool or synthetic fiber rug and over time, the need for clipping back these fibers with diminish.

You definitely should not let this scare you away from jute as a natural fiber rug choice. Jute fibers are extremely strong yet have an surprisingly silky and soft feel. They also are a highly sustainable choice as jute plants grow quickly and jute yarns are 100% biodegradable.

Why do Jute Rugs Sprout?

Jute fibers are short as compared to sisal fiber for example, and because our jute rugs are made from hand-spun jute yarn, the short fibers have a natural tendency to pop out.  This is part of the natural character of these hand-braided and hand-sewn rugs.

Jute, being a natural fiber rug and thus an organic material, also adjusts to its environment. Warmer, cooler, dryer and more humid environments cause the rug fibers to expand and contract.

Where the rugs are woven it is very warm and so you can imagine that in moving to a cooler climate the fiber contraction could easily cause some sprouting as some shorter fibers can pull from the weave. The same rug in a different home environment might not experience much of a change at all and sprouting would be minimal.

We think that this is part of the charm of a natural fiber rug like jute. We like knowing that our homes are filled with healthy organic materials that react to us just as we we react to them. It doesn’t hurt that jute is silky smooth and very stylish as well.

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Jun 10

Laura Casey Inspires with Wool & Sisal

This week we are excited to share a beautiful North Carolina bungalow style home designed by Laura Casey Interiors, LLC with you.  Laura Casey helped a young family transform their home into a serene and inviting space to welcome their new baby.  To do this, Laura and her team carefully selected a unique color palette that is at once soothing and upbeat.  Merida’s Boardwalk Braid rug adds texture to the living space and blends seamlessly with the well-balanced pairing of modern and traditional elements in the room.

Boardwalk Braid Jute Rug

Merida Boardwalk Braid Jute Rug

The theme of understated elegance is carried into the den, where Laura Casey used Merida’s Cortina rug to add depth and soft texture to the sophisticated retreat, without distracting from the bold pops of color.  The overall result is a beautiful home that is elegant but livable and inviting.  We look forward to seeing future projects from Laura Casey Interiors.

Merida Cortina Wool and Sisal Rug

“I was drawn to Merida Meridian for this project because of their natural fibers, durability, and unwavering commitment to using sustainable and renewable resources for their rugs.”

- Laura Casey of Laura Casey Interiors, LLC

To order swatches of Boardwalk Braid, Cortina, or any of our other products, please click here or visit our online Customer Center to begin a quote.

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