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Mar 11

It’s A Wrap! Tour the Elle Decor Show House with Merida

Our video tour of the Elle Decor Show House is ready for it’s big debut! Working closely with the talented photographer, David Livingston, we were able to create a virtual tour using the images he captured so you could experience the home for yourself. As you take the tour you’ll notice how each designer expresses their individual style, beautifully defining their passion for design. I love how each room evokes a different feeling, yet stays grounded and connected with the brilliant use of Merida rugs. Enjoy!

Oct 10

Broadway Has Arrived

Good news, our new Broadway inventory has arrived and samples will be shipping soon. For those who don’t know, Broadway is our 30-year-old Belgian woven sisal pattern. Its the most timeless and popular sisal rug design ever. Previously sold through showrooms and retailers under other names, the original Broadway is now available directly from Merida for the first time.

Merida’s Broadway contains the world’s highest quality sisal yarns and is woven where it originated, in Belguim where their unique spinning and weaving techniques create the most brilliant and durable products on the market. Please feel free to request samples and see it for yourself.

Inventory also means photos! Whitney and I recently worked closely with photographer Francine Zaslow, to shoot the amazing Broadway rug collection! The concept for the Broadway shoot was to allow the pattern to shine without a lot of background noise. Because Broadway is such an iconic and timeless rug for Merida, I felt the pattern should speak for itself and shine on it’s own.

Ideally, I want the consumer or designer to imagine how they would use the product so I strive to keep the composition conceptual by placing just a few pieces of furniture to start to define a room. My goal is to create a library of images that are sophisticated, refreshing and consistent from one shoot to the other. For this reason I chose to capture Broadway in the same location as we shot our Sweater Collection, in a grand gallery of Belle Mer in Newport, RI.

  • Whitney and I deciding on furniture and props for each Broadway colorway.

The final photos were just breathtaking. Soft, airy light and clean lines surrounded the rug as it warmed each setting. We wanted to highlight the location and bring the outside in, so Francine was able to pull tones shinning through the windows adding that pop of color.

  • Broadway Tupelo with Studio 534 Ironies Chairs

What I love most about the photography is the way we’re enticing the viewer to come into the photos and walk their eye through. As my eye glides across the rug, it makes it’s way toward the glowing color in the background. It’s visually engaging to travel through each image and an exit around a corner or out an open door.

  • Broadway Camel with Studio 534 Ironies Console

The colors and textures in each shot were reflective of the fall trends of ivory, camel, olive and misty blue. Francine captured multiple shots and angles in order to highlight Broadway’s 3-dimensional texture.

  • Broadway in Glacier and Beechwood paired with Ironies leather chair and vases, and Icon Groups coffee table.

We are all very excited to launch Broadway and we know many of our partners and designer friends are excited for it as well. We hope you find these photos inspirational and would love to share your photos celebrating how you used Broadway. We’ll he happy to share them with everybody!

Jun 10

As Summer Heats Up, So Does Our National Geographic Collection

Masai rug with Wildebeest edge finish

Masai rug with Wildebeest edge finish

With the heat setting in here in Boston, we started thinking more about our National Geographic Collection, which pairs Merida’s timeless natural fiber rugs with playful edge finishes. Inspired by unique aspects of Eastern Africa – from the animal inhabitants to the picturesque landscape — this collection embodies exotic summer elegance. So, to celebrate the season and to reward our friends at National Geographic for all of their hard work, we decided to offer National Geographic employees’ family and friends 15% off of everything in the collection.

Good news; we’re happy to extend the discount to our family and friends as well. To take advantage of these savings, visit the following link:, print out the coupon and bring it to your nearest retailer. Not sure where your closest retailer is? Visit our showroom locator to find one and get directions. Pick one up before the weather cools down, because this offer expires on July 31st.

Learn more about the National Geographic Collection >

Jun 10

The Jute Sprouting Effect

Jute rugs commonly experience something called “sprouting”. Sprouting is observed in the form of small fibers sticking up from the rug for a period after it’s installed.

Sprouting is common, and requires nothing more than clipping down the fibers that have popped up. The process is similar to the initial shedding of a wool or synthetic fiber rug and over time, the need for clipping back these fibers with diminish.

You definitely should not let this scare you away from jute as a natural fiber rug choice. Jute fibers are extremely strong yet have an surprisingly silky and soft feel. They also are a highly sustainable choice as jute plants grow quickly and jute yarns are 100% biodegradable.

Why do Jute Rugs Sprout?

Jute fibers are short as compared to sisal fiber for example, and because our jute rugs are made from hand-spun jute yarn, the short fibers have a natural tendency to pop out.  This is part of the natural character of these hand-braided and hand-sewn rugs.

Jute, being a natural fiber rug and thus an organic material, also adjusts to its environment. Warmer, cooler, dryer and more humid environments cause the rug fibers to expand and contract.

Where the rugs are woven it is very warm and so you can imagine that in moving to a cooler climate the fiber contraction could easily cause some sprouting as some shorter fibers can pull from the weave. The same rug in a different home environment might not experience much of a change at all and sprouting would be minimal.

We think that this is part of the charm of a natural fiber rug like jute. We like knowing that our homes are filled with healthy organic materials that react to us just as we we react to them. It doesn’t hurt that jute is silky smooth and very stylish as well.

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