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Jun 10

The Jute Sprouting Effect

Jute rugs commonly experience something called “sprouting”. Sprouting is observed in the form of small fibers sticking up from the rug for a period after it’s installed.

Sprouting is common, and requires nothing more than clipping down the fibers that have popped up. The process is similar to the initial shedding of a wool or synthetic fiber rug and over time, the need for clipping back these fibers with diminish.

You definitely should not let this scare you away from jute as a natural fiber rug choice. Jute fibers are extremely strong yet have an surprisingly silky and soft feel. They also are a highly sustainable choice as jute plants grow quickly and jute yarns are 100% biodegradable.

Why do Jute Rugs Sprout?

Jute fibers are short as compared to sisal fiber for example, and because our jute rugs are made from hand-spun jute yarn, the short fibers have a natural tendency to pop out.  This is part of the natural character of these hand-braided and hand-sewn rugs.

Jute, being a natural fiber rug and thus an organic material, also adjusts to its environment. Warmer, cooler, dryer and more humid environments cause the rug fibers to expand and contract.

Where the rugs are woven it is very warm and so you can imagine that in moving to a cooler climate the fiber contraction could easily cause some sprouting as some shorter fibers can pull from the weave. The same rug in a different home environment might not experience much of a change at all and sprouting would be minimal.

We think that this is part of the charm of a natural fiber rug like jute. We like knowing that our homes are filled with healthy organic materials that react to us just as we we react to them. It doesn’t hurt that jute is silky smooth and very stylish as well.

See Merida’s Jute Area Rugs

Some of our Favorite Jute Rug Photos

Jun 10

Natural Area Rug Photoshoot for One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane Photo Shoot

We just completed an impromptu photo shoot for our upcoming feature on One Kings Lane. We selected and finished several of our natural area rugs and thought you’d like to see a few photos shot inside our Boston warehouse.

In the background you can see the giant air tables that lift the rugs and allow our craftsman to rotate them as they hand sew the bindings tot he edges of the cut area rugs.

For those who don’t know, One Kings Lane is a private online shopping service providing members with access to virtual designer sample sales. Members gain access to hand picked home décor, furnishings, accessories and gifts at up to 70% off retail with new sales almost every day. The best part, membership is free.

Merida will be featured on June 24th through June 26th and will be offering limited quantities of some of our best natural area rugs.

If you want to be alerted when the sale starts, simply register with One Kings Lane for free.

Maegan Fee Oversees the Natural Area Rug Shoot

Maegan Fee, Creative Director at Merida Oversees The Action

Roxanne Hanna CHecks in on the Natural Area Rug Shoot

Roxanne Hanna, Sales Director Checking In on Things

Setting up the Merida Natural Area Rug Shoot

Setting up the Merida Natural Area Rug Shoot

Kent Dayton Shoots Merida Rugs from Above

Kent Dayton Shoots Merida Rugs from Above

May 10

Shipping Natural Rugs

Every week, our custom workroom in Boston ships out hundreds of high quality natural rugs and straight cuts. Depending on its size and shape, your area rug or material will be shipped and received in a specific way. Following are some helpful things to remember about shipping and receiving when placing your order with us.


There are two ways to ship rugs:

  • UPS will accept rugs up to 8’6″ long, or 150 lbs. We will always roll your rug on the shortest side to try to meet the length requirement. UPS offers expedited services such as next day  and 3-day delivery, but depending on your location, ground service may also deliver your rug in a timely manner. Ask our Customer Solutions team to check delivery times for you when placing your order. UPS does not offer “call before delivery” service.
  • Xpress Global freight trucks ship all orders greater than 8′x6″ or 150 lbs. Shipping to a commercial location or a receiver can help you save money, but residential “call before delivery” service is available for an extra charge. When shipping directly to a residence, please provide a contact name and phone number for the delivery.


When your workroom, receiving department, or customer receives a rug, it must be inspected right away. If any damage to the packaging is evident, it should be noted on the bill of lading from the carrier when you sign for the package. Documenting any damages will allow you to make a claim later, if necessary. Carriers such as UPS and Xpress Global will not honor claims that are signed for without proper notation of the damage.

If you are unsure about the condition of the material in the package, always inspect it while the delivery driver is still present. In the case of a severely damaged shipment, you may refuse the delivery.

We make every effort to ship all orders carefully and accurately, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. We stand behind our products and our service, and will be happy to work with you to promptly correct any errors. Your help in following these basic procedures can help us clear up any issues so you can enjoy your new beautiful new Merida rug!

Apr 10

Cortina Sisal Rug in Charleston Showhouse

Our featured design project this week is a living room from the Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse in South Carolina. This living room was designed by Evon Kirkland McAngus and Daly Gentry of Evon Kirkland Interiors, and features our Cortina Platinum wool and sisal rug with Metallic Sandstone binding.

We think the designers did an amazing job balancing serene, complimentary colors that don’t overwhelm each other but still make a dramatic impact. The addition of the Cortina rug creates an interesting depth and texture that contrasts with the metallic and glass accents in the room. It is truly a stunning space that is sure to impress all of the people who tour the showhouse.

Create a quote for Cortina here>>

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“The clean, sophisticated style of the living room needed a rug with interesting texture that would add dimension to the space. Merida’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and unique custom options gives their rugs an edge over competitors – and Merida is only company that I know of that offers cool metallic bindings!” – Evon Kirkland Interiors

The Showhouse runs through April 18, so if you’re in the area, check it out and let us know what you think!

To request cuttings of Cortina, please click here or visit our online Customer Center to start a quote. Check out our collection of Metallic bindings here.

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