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Nov 09

Marrakech sisal rug in Coastal Living Idea Home

I look forward to receiving many of my favorite magazines in the mail each month (Hello Vanity Fair and Elle Decor!!), but Coastal Living is a special treat for me, especially as gloomy winter weather looms ahead here in Boston. I’ve always dreamed of owning a fabulous beach home in Maine or Cape Cod, and flipping through the pages of this magazine always makes me swoon.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to see our lovely Marrakech rug in the November issue of Coastal Living. We worked with editors at the magazine on the Seawatch Idea House in Sunset Harbor, North Carolina earlier this year to provide Marrakech rugs, in Chamomile, for both the dining room and master suite. Click here to request samples of Marrakech.

The home’s interior designer, Montgomery, Alabama-based Phillip Sides, was asked to create beautiful color combinations using cool grays and greens while complementing the spaces with textured rugs to add warmth and depth. This chic yet relaxing space pays great attention to detail, making coastal life simple and sophisticated. Sounds perfect to me!

Marrakech in Chamomile in Cottage Living's Seawatch Idea Home dining room, designed by Phillip Sides.

Marrakech in Chamomile in Cottage Living's Seawatch Idea Home dining room, designed by Phillip Sides. Photo: Tria Giovan

Marrakech in Chamomile in Cottage Living's Seawatch Idea Home master suite, designed by Phillip Sides.

Marrakech in Chamomile in Cottage Living's Seawatch Idea Home master suite, designed by Phillip Sides. Photo: Tria Giovan

Another shot of the Marrakech rug in the master suite

Another shot of the Marrakech rug in the master suite. Photo: Tria Giovan

Click here to request samples of Marrakech in Chamomile, Java, Oolong, Coffee or Macchiatto. Or, visit our customer center to start a quote for Marrakech.

If you are enolled in our Merida Partner program, don’t forget to use your November discount code when creating a quote! Contact your sales rep or visit our Partners page for more info.

Nov 09

Alhambra sisal area rug in CharityWorks GreenHouse

Our featured design project this week is a media room in the CharityWorks GreenHouse, the first ever carbon neutral home on the East Coast located in McLean, Virginia. The house features a state-of-the-art geothermal heating system to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, and showcases what can be done with efficient building design, innovative technology, and a smart location. With the help of Cunningham Quill Architects, Green Spur builders,  and 19 premiere interior designers using sustainable and healthy furnishings and finishes, the house was transformed into a luxurious and eco-friendly living space.

Merida donated an Alhambra rug in Glacier to well-known Washington, DC designer Susan Gulick Interiors for the GreenHouse media room. The rug adds a wonderful bit of texture and pattern to the room, while working with the mostly grey and neutral color palette. We were thrilled to work with Susan on this project, as her clean, fresh and relaxing aesthetic so perfectly suits our area rugs. The room Susan has created here presents “a clean look that is uncluttered and classicly fresh!”

“I believe rugs are one of the most essential elements in a room. When selecting a rug I always consider products from Merida. Their innovative designs from natural materials warm up a room and help to create the kind of livable spaces that Susan Gulick Interiors Ltd is known for.” -Susan Gulick

Do you have a photo of a design project featuring a Merida rug? Submit it to! If we select your photo, your name and web site will be promoted on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages!

Alhambra in Glacier in Susan Gulick's media room for CharityWorks GreenHouse

Alhambra in Glacier in Susan Gulick's media room for CharityWorks GreenHouse

sisal rug alhambra susan gulick2

Alhambra in Glacier in the hallway of Susan Gulick's media room for CharityWorks GreenHouse

Wide shot of Susan Gulick's media room for CharityWorks GreenHouse

Wide shot of Susan Gulick's media room for CharityWorks GreenHouse

Proceeds from the CharityWorks GreenHouse will benefit the Friendship Public Charter School serving more than 4,000 students at 5 campuses in the Washington D.C. area.

To request samples of Alhambra, click here. To create a quote for Alhambra and receive 10% off in the month of November, visit our online customer center.

Nov 09

Recycling carpets and area rugs

Ever wonder what to do with your old carpet? Before you throw it away, think about the many ways to reuse or recycle it for alternative uses.  According to the Environmental Recovery & Consolidation Service, carpet is responsible for about 5 billion pounds of waste in U.S. landfills each year. Companies like Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) have successfully diverted waste from landfills with recycling programs that create value for the post-consumer carpet recycling industry. If you own a natural fiber rug, there are many options for recycling and reusing your sustainable floor coverings.

A carpet recycling program based in San Francisco strives to make the carpet business much more sustainable.

A carpet recycling program in San Francisco strives to make the carpet business more sustainable.

Some natural fiber rugs (especially the undyed, unbacked kind like Merida’s Abaca rugs) are completely biodegradable; at the end of their life as a rug, they can be chopped up and used as mulch or compost in your yard. For rugs that are not 100% biodegradable, there are some alternate uses to consider trying. Old rugs can be:

  • Cut into small pieces and used as pads under heavy furniture
  • Used as doormats to catch mud and water from outside
  • Used as floor mats in a car
  • Cut into strips wide enough to fit between the rows in your garden to prevent weeds from growing

If none of these options work for your rug, there are still other ways to recycle. CARE is a partnership between members of the carpet industry and government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, that is aiming to divert 40 percent of carpet from landfills by 2012. CARE provides a list of reclamation partners across the United States on its Web site that will recycle carpet for you. They usually charge between 5 and 25 cents per pound, because the process of separating the fibers and backing materials in carpets makes the recycling process a bit complicated.

Once reclaimed, carpets will go on to either be:

  • Given to charity
  • Turned into new carpet
  • Separated into parts and made into different items

Some items that can be made from recycled carpet are auto parts, plastic lumber, sound barriers, landscape timbers, nylon pallets, and parking stops.

If you are more on the creative side, you can repurpose carpet into functional works of art. Ample Sample is a contest that challenges designers to “Rethink, Reuse, and Upcycle” carpet samples that would otherwise end up in landfills. There are some really interesting designs from the past couple of years of submissions, everything from a shoe holder (below ) to furniture, bags, and even a hammock!

The Shoe-Kepper was the 2009 winner for Ample Sample.

The Shoe-Kepper was the 2009 Ample Sample winner.

Next time you plan on throwing out your carpet, think about some of these fun and sustainable ideas to prevent your carpet from ending up in a landfill.

Sep 09

My Internship at Merida


Working at Merida has definitely been a new and exciting experience! I never thought that I would be paid to make patterns, which is one of my favorite hobbies. This summer I created the company’s new business cards which started as actual rug samples. The designs were chosen from some of Merida’s most popular patterns for rugs from their Viewpoint and Tufted Glow Collections. For each design, I outlined the pattern (from the digital rug design) in Illustrator and adjusted the dimensions to fit within each card.

Below are the final graphics -  Viewpoint’s Tulip and Dandelion designs, and Glow’s Prism and Refraction designs.

business cards spread 2

The second major project I worked on was helping create surface designs for Merida’s Hospitality Collection. I was asked to create a range of simple geometrics to organic florals. My first design was inspired by the traditional pinstripe.  Making the pinstripe designs were actually the most fun because I could arrange the colors in so many different ways.

Picture 11

  • Floral motifs and Pinstripe designs – colors inspired by Merida’s Hospitality color palette

On my last day at Merida, I set up my entire portfolio for Maegan to critique. It was a ton of work.  We spent over an hour going through it all!  She helped me plan for submitting my portfolio when applying to colleges this Fall. We invited all the Merida employees to come in and view the work I accomplished this summer.


More about the students from Youth Design Boston can be viewed here at