Texture & Light with M. Frederick

A five-year-long project turns a drab New Jersey estate into a bright, fresh living space that more than matches the splendor of its verdant setting. With its interior design done by M. Frederick Interiors, the house uses a white and neutral palette to bring light and texture to a space that was once dark.

house front

“It was a darker house, the wood tones were dark, the windows were smaller, they have 8 foot ceilings in most of the area. The client has an architecture background, so she could understand the physical space, but was having a hard time on her own putting together the aesthetics, brightening it up, having it all flow and be cohesive, and finding a level of quality that she was looking for.”

On a chance visit to Matthew Frederick’s storefront studio and shop in Far Hills, New Jersey, the client fell in love with Matthew’s taste in design.

M Frederick Sunroom

Working backwards from an end vision and yet taking the time to collect objects that reflect the personality and taste of the clients, Matthew let the project evolve from room to room. Matthew typically approaches projects with this top-down, high-level view. He enjoys the process of bringing the client’s aesthetic and vision to fruition over time, but finds that if you do not keep the overall plan in mind, “you run the risk of having it look beautiful, but also like a furniture showroom.” This particular project is a perfect example: the five-year evolution allowed Matthew to create and find unique pieces that reflect the character and personality of the client and their wants. Matthew says that, “I look for vendors who are also similarly aligned, that want to support the value of the professional design trade, that offer custom capabilities, and they can do it in a reasonable time and on a reasonable budget.”

music room

tv room chairs

With a focus on textures and whites rather than color, the house takes on a calming, sculptural element in the midst of rolling lawns and landscape architecture. The lack of color does nothing to hinder the brightness of the space, which has ample windows to let light and the green of the outdoors in.


kitchen m frederick

We’re excited that Matthew used Merida for this particular project in the foyer and on the stairs. The Broadway rugs have a subtle pattern, which highlights the texture and natural sisal color.

Stairs broadway

“I think there is something great about the Broadway pattern and the Tupelo colorway. It is at the same time so classic and so refined and so simple in the way it adds depth and has a really great presence in a space, but its also simultaneously very transitional, very clean, very fresh, and very current. It’s a product that works as well in an Upper East Side residence as it does in a California beach house or a transitional space in Brentwood.”



The five year effort and Matthew’s leadership in helping the client discover their aesthetic lead to a unique, bright, textural space.  As Matthew sees it, “That’s the challenge for the design profession today: it is not only the pieces that you buy, it’s how you put them together, and how you create spaces in these environments, but it’s also how special you can make them.”


Matthew’s project is featured in Luxe Interiors + Design this month.

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