The Art of Customization, with Tim Campbell & Malcolm Kutner (Part 1)

Merida CEO Catherine Connolly led a discussion with interior designers Tim Campbell and Malcom James Kutner about the art of customization in interior design at Legends LCDQ LA in May 2013. Tim and Malcolm each shared a wealth of knowledge about customizing and the value it brings to clients. They reflected that customization adds value not only in the quality of craftsmanship and the story behind an object, but also in creating something unique for a specific client. This event was a wonderful opportunity to connect with designers and share ideas. We began the event by hanging customized rugs created in collaboration with interior designers, and continued with this enriching talk.

Check out the video below to see Tim and Malcolm answer the question, “How do you think of customization? What is it’s role in your practice?”

What does customization mean to you?

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