quote from maegan fee


A Merida rug begins with a spark. A glimpse of something beautiful in nature, a moment of insight into the past, a recognition of patterns or chaos in the world. Our designers are constantly observing the world around them, drawing inspiration from the simple and the extraordinary.

Working with natural materials provides us with a wonderful muse for our unique designs. We strive to create textiles that bring out the beauty in the fibers – the luster, the color, and the texture.

Our Creative Director, Maegan Fee, creates our innovative textiles by experimenting with different materials, constructions, and weaving techniques. She travels the world, interacting with customers, suppliers, and designers from other disiplines to track trends and generate new ideas.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Maegan carries a deep respect for the history of textile design. She blends this with her innate artistic talents and a keen eye for “what's next” to develop the inventive, original designs that Merida is known for.