Traditional Home May 2014

Traditional Home
May 2014
Featuring: Bali Volcano jute

Traditional Home April 2014

Traditional Home
April 2014
Featuring: Madagascar Tupelo

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens April 2014

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens
April 2014
Featuring: Broadway sisal

New York Cottages and Gardens 2014

New York Cottages & Gardens
March 2014
Featuring: Tonga Sisal, Marrakech Sisal

Veranda April 2014

April 2014
Featuring: Bora Bora Sunrise

New England Home Jan/Feb 2014

New England Home
Jan/Feb 2014
Featuring: Slater Dark Gray

HGTV Magazine - Nov 2013

HGTV Magazine
November 2013
Featuring: Cuyo Pearl Abaca, Prism Tufted Wool, Rake, Custom Colored, Halo Tufted Wool

Westchester Home - October 2013

Westchester Home
October 2013
Featuring: Links Icicle, Agave Superior Caramel, Madagascar Glacier

House Beautiful - October 2013

House Beautiful
October 2013
Featuring: Tremor Fickle

Traditional Home - October 2013

Traditional Home
October 2013
Featuring: Madison Tan

Architectural Digest - August 2013

Architectural Digest
August 2013
Featuring: Marrakech Sisal

House Beautiful - July 2013

House Beautiful
July/August 2013
Featuring: Broadway Sisal, Luzon Abaca

Architectural Digest - July 2013

Architectural Digest
July 2013
Featuring: Madagascar Sisal

House Beautiful - June 2013

House Beautiful
June 2013
Featuring: Mindoro Cinnamon Abaca, Agave Superior Sisal

House Beautiful - May 2013

House Beautiful
May 2013
Featuring: Nasturtium Weave Sisal, Celerie Kemble by Merida

Luxe Magazine - Winter 2013

Winter 2013
Featuring: Celerie Kemble by Merida

Elle Decor December 2012

Elle Decor
Dec 2012
Featuring: Bali Jute Rugs

Luxe Winter 2012

Winter 2012
Featuring: Woodland Stripe handwoven sisal

Elle Decor Nov 2012

Elle Decor
November 2012
Featuring: Craze Wool Rug

Merida on Chronicle

ABC's Chronicle (video)
September 20, 2012
Featuring: Made in MA Wool Rugs, Celerie Kemble by Merida

New York Times August 23 2012

New York Times
August 23, 2012
Featuring: Grand Tournai

Traditional Home September 2012

Traditional Home
September 2012
Featuring: Heron Stripe Sisal

Elle Decor Jul/Aug 2012

Elle Decor
July/August 2012
Featuring: Catalyst, Plough, Broadway, Barclay Abaca

Traditional Home Jul/Aug 2012

Traditional Home
July/August 2012
Featuring: Mandacaru, Bora Bora

Architecture Digest July 2012

Architectural Digest
July 2012
Featuring: Bora Bora

Lonny June/July 2012

Lonny Magazine
June/July 2012
Featuring: Celerie Kemble Collection

Maine Home + Design May 2012

Maine Home + Design
May 2012
Featuring: Pinstripe in Custom Color

Design New England March/April 2012

Design New England
March/April 2012
Featuring: Broadway

Boston Home Winter 2012

Boston Home
Winter 2012
Featuring: Merida's Fall River textile mill

House Beautiful December/January 2012

House Beautiful
December/January 2012
Featuring: Mayon in Wild Rice

New England Home Nov/Dec 2011

New England Home
November/December 2011
Featuring: Merida

Traditional Home Nov/Dec 2011

Traditional Home
November/December 2011
Featuring: Broadway in Beechwood
Links Sisal
Pipeline in Oatmeal

House Beautiful November 2011 - Cover

House Beautiful
November 2011
Featuring: Kyoto in Glacier

Coastal Living October 2011 - Cover

Coastal Living
October 2011
Featuring: Dune in Tan, Broadway in Tupelo, Dune in Blue

Traditional Home October 2011 - Cover Page

Traditional Home
October 2011
Featuring: Tonga Sisal

Traditional Home July/August 2011 - Cover Page

Traditional Home
July/August 2011
Featuring: Lapu Lapu Abaca & Malaybalay Abaca in Bark

Luxe - Spring 2011 - Cover Page

Spring 2011
Featuring: Broadway Sisal & Marrakech Sisal

House Beautiful - May 2011 - Cover Page

House Beautiful
May 2011
Featuring: Beach Jute

Veranda - April 2011 - Cover Page

April 2011
Featuring: Kuskusan Abaca & Pipeline Sisal in Oatmeal

House Beautiful April 2011 Cover Page

House Beautiful
April 2011
Featuring: Bora-Bora Jute Rug

Elle Decor - April 2011 - Cover Page

Elle Decor
April 2011
Featuring: Broadway Sisal Rug

House Beautiful Cover March 2011

House Beautiful
March 2011
Featuring: Barclay Butera Lifestyle Collection

Elle Decor Feb/March 2011 Cover Page

Elle Decor
February/March 2011
Featuring: Cortina, Sweater Purl, Paraiba, Mandacaru, Bali

California Home+Design Cover Page

California Home+Design
February/March 2011
Featuring: Veledo Crocco

House Beautiful February 2011 Cover Page

House Beautiful
February 2011
Featuring: Bali Jute Rug

Veranda January 2011 Cover Page

January 2011
Featuring: Folk Blueberry Pie