Showtime Network Showhouse

Merida in Showtime Networks Showhouse

To commemorate success of its shows that are airing in 2010-2011, Showtime Networks launched its third annual showhouse in Manhattan's Cassa Hotel and Residences. From September 7 to October 27, this showhouse will be open for private events and public tours. Come see Jeff Andrews' design - the "Dexter's Refuge" - for which he chose Merida's Veledo Croco recycled leather flooring in color Night. Another great room to check out is "Weeds Lounge" where guys from John Loecke, Inc. chose Gardenia Bloom flat woven wool rug from Viewpoint collection.

Merida in Showtime Showhouse

Dexter's Refuge by Jeff Andrews

Merida in Showtime Showhouse

Weeds Launge by John Loecke, Inc.