Natural Fiber Rug Care & Maintenance

Natural fibers are a beautiful and easy-to-live-with addition to any home. Caring for a Merida rug is no different than caring for other rugs, fine fabrics and furniture in your home. In our Care & Maintenance Guides, you will find tips and guidelines on how to care for your new rug. With proper care and maintenance, your Merida rug will bring beauty and enjoyment to your home for many years.

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Natural Fiber Rugs Cleaning Chart

Natural Fiber Rug Characteristics


Natural fiber rugs may experience “sprouting” which is when small fibers stick up from the rug some time after installation. Sprouting is common with rugs made from shorter fibers that are loosely woven.

Sprouting occurs with predominately jute fibers. Jute fibers are short when compared to sisal fibers, and because our jute rugs are made from handspun jute yarn, the short fibers have a natural tendency to pop out. This is part of the natural character of these rugs, which are also hand-braided and hand-sewn.

Sprouting is common, and requires nothing more than clipping down the fibers that have popped up with shears. Over time, the need for clipping back these fibers will diminish. The process is similar to the initial shedding of a wool or synthetic fiber rug. Jute fibers are extremely strong yet have surprisingly silky and soft feel. They also are a highly sustainable choice as jute plants grow quickly and jute yarns are 100% biodegradable.