Partnering with Merida as a Dealer

At Merida, we want to change the way people think about and purchase interior products by building on our heritage of sustainable design and craftsmanship. As part of our culture we highly value our employees, customers, partners and suppliers and work to ensure we meet the unique needs of each. To these ends we are joining forces with like-minded companies, designers and consumers to make a difference for future generations.

As of January 2013, we are dramatically limiting our distribution. Merida collaborates exclusively with like-minded companies who are philosophically aligned with our values and who place an emphasis on artisanship, quality craftsmanship, sustainable design and transparency. Forging a partnership with us requires a commitment to and investment in innovation and co-collaboration. Our aim is to build deep and meaningful partnerships with an eye towards bringing value to each of our partners while we work for mutual gain.

Should you desire to make the kind of commitment we are seeking and would like to learn more, we invite you to fill out some preliminary information below. We will review your information and respond back within two to four weeks. Should we feel that there is a potential for fit, we will contact you to schedule an introductory conversation so that we can learn more about one another and determine whether we would like to pursue a partnership.

Preliminary Application to Become a Merida Dealer

  1. Read the information above as well as review our website and determine whether your company is aligned with Merida’s mission and values. Explore our product lines and decide if Merida would be right for your customers.
  2. If you do not feel there is a match, we understand! Partnering with us requires a deep commitment to collaboration and a shared philosophy. We would ask you to not fill out any information in that case, but thank you for your initial interest.
  3. Should you feel that your organization is aligned with Merida’s mission and values and product offering and you are interested in investing in a partnership with our organization, we invite you to fill out the below application fully and completely. We will respond back to you in two to four weeks. Thank you for your interest and time.
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Please tell us how you heard about Merida and why you feel Merida would be a good fit for your organization and your customers:*
What top three vendors do you sell today? What makes those partnerships work so well for you and for your partners?*
Are you interested in learning about Merida’s capabilities and would you commit to visiting our manufacturing facility in Fall River, MA for a tour of our textile mill?*
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