our view - now is the moment for change

At Merida we take very seriously the scientific evidence establishing that our planet’s ecosystem and natural resources are being rapidly and irremediably exhausted by the growing demand created by human population growth and activities. There are many factors that support this conclusion, such as:

  • Exponential population increase
  • Accumulation of chemicals and toxic wastes in the environment
  • Decline in biodiversity
  • Diminishing supply of clean water
  • Degradation of oceans and associated risks to fisheries
  • Social and economic imbalances on national and global scales

We also support the widespread theory that emission of greenhouse gases from human activities has been causing global climate change. Modern industry largely relies on fossil fuels such as oil and coal for energy, creating harmful gases such as CO2 and methane. These gases trap heat from the sun, causing increased temperatures that can radically change the earth’s climate patterns, with dangerous consequences for human, plant and animal life.

In our opinion, it is imperative that society move away from a carbon dependent economy. We believe this can be done by using sustainable materials, reinventing the way we design products and drastically changing consumption patterns.

As always with scientific theories, there are some dissenting views on the environmental crisis. But we strongly believe that our efforts and the efforts of like-minded individuals and organizations are helping to build a better world. We are not willing to gamble on the future of our planet, and we are glad that you are here to join us.