eco chart

All Merida products are eligible to contribute credits towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification – an internationally recognized green building certification system. Please review the chart below to see the details.

PRODUCT Sustainability Features LEED Credits
Natural Fibers Undyed Recycled Materials Biodegradable or compostable* Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA MR 4T - Recycled Content MR 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials IEQ 4.3 Low Emitting Flooring Systems
 Sweater Wool Rugs        
 Viewpoint Flat-Woven Wool Rugs          
 Pure Wool Rugs      
 Tufted Wool Rugs          
 Handwoven Abaca Rugs        
 Seagrass Rugs          
 Hempgrass Rugs          
 Jute Area Rugs          
 100% Paper Rugs          
 Coir & Sisal Rugs            
 Wool & Sisal Rugs            
 Textured Sisal Rugs            
 Mandacaru Sisal Rugs          
 Patterned Sisal Rugs            
 Plain Sisal Rugs            
 Veledo Leather Flooring          
 * Items are compostable in industrial composters which can be located nationally by clicking on this link.