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Off the Loom

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Made for Stairs.
Created exclusively for Atelier 2020, introducing five striking patterns designed exclusively for custom-fitted stair...
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The Making of a Collection
Creating a one-of-a-kind collection takes inspiration, technique and a team of talented designers and expert weavers ...
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Illuminations The opening of a flower, pebbles on a shore, the birth of an idea. These playful Jacquard-woven rugs sh...
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Moving Pictures Stylish and sophisticated, these Jacquard-woven rugs create the illusion of depth and subtle movement...
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Between the Lines These multi-layered Jacquard rugs set an architectural foundation, weaving alternating lines of woo...
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Ephemeral Etchings A Renaissance game table, the splash of a fountain, a latticed mashrabiya screen. Devotional eleme...
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