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Custom Projects

Ideas and inspiration from our design lab

Custom Verbena for Stairs
Our Verbena 709-S rug, from the Atelier Collection, makes a bold statement on stairs. For this stair runner the cl...
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Custom Stitch
Inspired by a mid-century painting, this client adapted our classic Stitch weave for a west coast residential proje...
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Custom Vasari for Stairs
Breaking the pattern repeat resulted in a playfully asymmetrical bespoke stair runner. Long-time client Michael Co...
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Custom Tempera
A simple custom color of our Tempera rug from the Portfolio 2020 collection.  Using a thin-felted black yarn for th...
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Custom Portico
Borders don’t have to be boring. This twist on our classic Portico changes up the stitch pattern repeat along one ...
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Custom Artemizia
Custom coloring is an easy way to adapt a Portfolio rug to match a room’s colorway. For this project, the client t...
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