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Custom Projects

Ideas and inspiration from our design lab

Custom Vasari for Stairs
A perfect example of how to alter an existing pattern to a specific application in a project. Long-time client Mic...
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Custom Tempera
TBD. Custom colors of new Portfolio 2020 rug…   Client Inspiration for Sasha Adler (not requested by, Joni offer...
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Custom Portico
TBD. Needs description.   Client ??? Construction Jacquard Woven Fiber Content 100% Wool Colors  Undyed Light Gr...
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Custom Artemizia
Custom coloring is an easy way to adapt a Portfolio rug to match a room’s colorway. For this project, the client t...
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Custom Felix
Starting with our Felix rug, the client wanted to add a color to the pattern that would tie into the colorway of th...
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Custom Aires
Here’s an example of how changing yarns can alter texture of a rug while preserving the harmonious balance of patter...
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