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Custom Projects

Ideas and inspiration from our design lab

Custom Vasari for Stairs

Breaking the pattern repeat resulted in a playfully asymmetrical bespoke stair runner.

Long-time client Michael Cox of Foley & Cox Home had an idea for adapting our Vasari rug for a custom staircase. By switching where the decorative motif lands on alternating steps, we designed a one-of-a-kind stair runner with a patterned border that moves from edge to edge. Catch our Instagram chat with Michael Cox.

“Merida gives us unlimited possibilities… we can let our imagination run wild and make a rug that’s specific to the project and the client.” - Michael Foley, Foley & Cox


Foley & Cox


Jacquard Woven

Fiber Content

100% Wool


Thin-Felted Wool Grenat, Thin-Felted Wool Orchil

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