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Atelier 2020: Jacquard Originals, Woven with Love

Atelier 2020 introduces 12 new flatwoven rugs of subtle tone and texture. Stylish and sophisticated, these Jacquard-woven originals showcase masterful technique, rendered with creative combinations of natural fibers. Designed by Merida and woven with love in our Fall River workshop.

Atelier 2020 is a story of layers, both literal and figurative, and the 12 new Jacquard-woven rugs at the heart of the collection turn the traditional “flatwoven” approach on its head. Rather than using the mechanization to produce flat designs quickly, Merida’s master craftsmen have rebuilt the Jacquard looms to slow the weaving process and introduce layers of complexity. Each rug reflects mastery of the loom paired with decades of skilled technique, as well as many hours of testing yarns to produce the desired effect.

The result is a symphony of tone and texture, rendered with an expansive array of natural yarns that include imported mouliné thread as well as linen, silk wool, mohair, alpaca merino and thin-felted and multi-felted wools. 


Kaftan. A multi-layered Jacquard weave, Kaftan is woven from thin-felted wool and a luxurious alpaca blend, with patterned lines of mohair, multi-felted merino and crimped wool yarns.


Tabani in Marble. The opening of a flower, the birth of an idea. Light plays across a textural weave of alpaca and silk, with swirls of linen and multi-felted merino.


Bursa in Grenat. A ground of twisted wool layered with an alternating pattern of rich mohair and linen creates a subtle interplay of texture and color.


Efes in Fresco. Inspired by the eponymous archaeological site in ancient Turkey, Efes features a textural construction of multi-felted merino and mouliné, with a lustrous linen accent in the border.

Explore the Atelier 2020 Collection, including five new flatwoven styles designed for stairs, and contact us for samples or a quote.

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