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Three New Yarns. So Much to Love.

An Atelier rug is a story of inspiration, technique and hand-selected materials. Atelier 2020 introduces three new yarns: silk wool, mouliné and multi-felted merino.

Our design team shares their love for these irresistible yarns, and how their natural properties heighten the texture, depth and soul of our newest Atelier rugs. 

Tavla in Grenat. For the Renaissance nobility, backgammon tables were works of exquisite marquetry. Tavla captures the next move with a decorative motif of linen and alpaca against a rich silk wool blend.
Venere in Marble.  Water was a sacred motif for Renaissance artists. Venere evokes the ephemeral splash of a fountain with a stitched linen alpaca blend and mouliné lines over a ground of Marble mohair.
Tendina in Verona.  Playing with movement and light, Tendina weaves a jazzy pattern of textured lines that alternates multi-felted merino and thin-felted wool with bright linen yarns.

Multi-Felted Merino. The name alone conjures a revelation of plush texture, says designer Gabrielle Ferreira. “When you feel the yarn, it’s like walking on a cloud. Soft yet durable, multi-felted merino is used widely across the new collection. Merida Master Weaver John Carvahlo gushes over the yarn’s texture and hand-feel. “It’s beautiful and mixes well with other yarns. We’re using it on all the looms, the Jacquard, the dobby and the tufter, and it adds so much so depth to these rugs.”

Mouliné is an imported cotton that the design team sourced especially for this collection. Our textile designer Daudi Nabassa, who joined the team last year, describes the yarn as being deceptive in its simplicity. “It has a two-sided quality that adds intrigue.” The yarn has a pronounced role in two new Jacquard-woven rugs designed for Atelier 2020: Efes and Iznik, where the mouliné yarn forms twisted lines, interwoven with mohair and alpaca merino, respectively. “It’s elegant and contemporary and adds interest and depth to the surface of the rug,” Gabrielle adds.

Silk Wool adds an eye-catching glimmer to several rugs in the new the collection. This effect is most pronounced in the Sofia rug, where it adds highlights to the reverse-warp effect of the yarns. Our lead designer Barbara Schnegg calls out its texture and smooth hand. “It’s cold to the touch, and adds a cool contrast with warmth of the wools.

We invite you to learn more about Merida’s extensive yarn library and the natural properties of the yarns we source. Request samples of the new Atelier Collection and feel the difference for yourself.

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