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3 Questions to Ask When Considering Value

Bob Margies is the Service and Installation Director at Merida. Bringing in over 30 years of installation experience, his talent and expertise give him unique insight into client projects and the value of high-quality products and stellar service.

Bob Margies, Service and Installation Director

As a designer, how do you create value for your clients? Apart from your design aesthetic and expertise, your client also looks to you to steward their investment and make informed recommendations. When making selections for a project it goes without saying that your focus is on finding beautiful products at great value for your client. Yet, when faced with constraints of budget and time, how do you choose between price and quality?

Selecting a product or service solely on price is never a good idea. As a professional installer with more than 30 years’ experience, I have managed every kind of installation for the industry’s most discerning clientele. On more than one occasion I have been passed up for a less qualified installer, only to be asked back to repair the situation when things went south. As you might guess, the cost of fixing a botched installation far outweighs the initial price differential in materials and lost time, not to mention the message it sends to your client.

Stair installation, Heywood stitch pattern

Custom Harris Wool Rug Stair Runner with an edge detail derived from our Heywood Pattern

The products you select should not only look beautiful on move-in day, but offer lasting value to your clients over time. This comes down to choosing products made with integrity by thoughtful craftspeople – and services delivered by an experienced hand.

Budget constraints are a given, but when evaluating a product or service, price alone does not equal value.

When considering how to bring value into your next project, here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you spending your client’s budget wisely?
  2. Are you considering the long-term value of the products and services you select?
  3. Are you confident that your service providers care as much about the finished result as you do?

Finding vendors and service providers you trust, and who will have your back, not only makes your job easier, it ultimately saves you and your client time and money.

Craftsman hand seams Merida rug in Fall River

A Merida Craftsman creates a hand-stitched seam in our Fall River mill

As Merida’s Service and Installation Director, I seek out only the most qualified installers to provide the highest quality service. Combined with Merida’s knowledgeable employees and craftsmen, the value we can add to a project is measured not only in quality but in the time we save our clients. From handling measurements, interpreting drawings, creating a product layout that will utilize the least amount of material, and working with your design firm to sync the installation with your project schedule, we take care of all the details. When sourcing materials, we choose only the most durable fibers and we test all our products for wear, both for traffic and for stairs. We will never recommend a product that won’t last for years. In fact, our products are designed to get better with time.

When considering a partner for your next project, ask the right questions when selecting products, and make sure you are getting the full value for your client’s investment.

Custom Diamant Stair Runner on Curved Stairs

 Diamant Natural install below by designer Amelia T. Handegan

Come see us at Merida. Ask questions, be curious and find out what makes us unlike any other company in our industry.

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