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5 (More) Ways to Style Stairs with Wool Rugs

We love collaborating with clients on full projects and custom installations. Lately, we’ve been doing more and more creative staircase runners woven and fabricated to order at our mill in southern Massachusetts. Our last post 5 Ways to Style a Staircase with Wool Rugs was such a hit that we’re back with 5 more inspiring stair installations.

Make a Bold Staircase Even Bolder

When a staircase has a unique shape, a striking runner can draw attention to it as a focal point. This staircase, designed by Cari Berg, uses three separate pieces to highlight the three sections of staircase in this Hollywood Hills home.

Cari Berg Plough Runner Merida

Cari Berg Plough Merida

A closeup of the custom Plough rug, with Undyed Noir wool and Marshmallow wool.

Cari Berg Plough Merida

Cari Berg’s custom Plough on our Jacquard loom. We wove and finished each section of this staircase to order for these particular stairs.

Think Big – No Staircase is Too Long

A talented installer should have no problem installing on a longer staircase, spiraling or not. Our Service and Installation Director Bob Margies personally vets our network of installers to make sure every install meets our standards.

A stair runner can also create visual breaks in a large staircase, such as in the Diamant Natural install below by designer Amelia T. Handegan. It will also reduce noise from any traffic on so many wooden stairs.

Handegan Diamant Spiral Staircase Runner Merida

Diamant Desert Taupe Jacquard Loom Merida

Diamant Desert Taupe on our Jacquard loom

Contrast with the Stairs for a Chic Look.

For stairs that you really want to stand out, use a runner that contrasts with the color of the stairs themselves. This white and gray Serai Natural is visually stunning against dark stairs and compliments the white moulding and railing details. From a project by Lucas Studio.

Lucas Studio Serai Naturas Runner Merida

Use Vertical Lines for a Graphic Effect That Won’t Be Jarring

Vertical lines will add graphic interest to a stair runner and can provide a pop of color. By running down the stairs, vertical lines can serve as a guide to draw the eyes upward. This Troy Mist runner designed by Chris Barrett also adapts to a 90 degree turn with a stylish diagonal seam.

Chris Barrett Staircase MeridaChris Barrett Staircase Merida Studio

Chris Barrett

Use a Dark Color for a Handsome Stair Runner that Won’t Show Dirt

If you are concerned about a staircase in a higher traffic area becoming dirty, use a darker colorway in a tone-on-tone pattern. The dark tone and subtle pattern will hide dirt while still looking refined and stylish. This project by Lucas Studio uses Arabesque Pebble from the Tissage collection.

Arabesque Pebble Stairs Lucas Studio Merida Runner


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