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5 Ways to Choose the Right Rug- with Creative Director Roxanne Hanna

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When it comes to designing a home, rugs are essential—both for providing comfort and warmth as well as establishing a foundation for the design scheme. Choosing the right rug is a key part of the design process, and careful consideration must be given to materials, style and intended location. To help navigate the selection process, Merida is here to help with insights about durability, comfort and use. For more than 30 years, Merida has been a leader in rug design, manufacturing its exquisite pieces in Fall River, MA.

credit and interior design: M. Frederick Interiors

1. Focus on Durability for Areas with Heavy Foot Traffic

“For high-traffic areas, like entryways and foyers, it’s best to focus on materials that are a little tougher and less resistant to wear. Sisal, in particular, is a great choice because of its strength,” Merida recommends. Wear also extends to the edges, where we recommend leather, linen or an outdoor fabric to increase the lifetime of the rug.

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interior design: Celerie Kemble

2. Consider Style & Maintenance for Rooms Where Family and Friends Congregate

When it comes to areas that you spend the most time entertaining in—living rooms, family rooms and dens—rugs that are comfy yet easier to clean are the best bet. Specifically, Merida suggests wool rugs, which have fibers that contain lanolin, a natural repellent.

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interior design: Ken Gemes Interiors

3. Focus on Luxury in the Bedroom

Bedrooms require a softer touch, and Hanna suggests a tufted rug, which “hybridizes a cushy feel with a look of luxury.” There’s more style options with wool tufted rugs, and they are a bit more welcoming to the feet than other natural fiber options.

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interior design: Cloth & Kind

4. Choose Jute for Spaces Where You Want Texture and Comfort

“Jute is a great alternative to sisal,” explains Hanna. “It has a wonderfully textural look while still being soft to touch.” A jute rug works great in the living room where a departure from the typical wool rug is welcome without sacrificing feel.

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5. Use a Flatweave for Spaces You Didn’t Think Needed a Rug

Flatweave rugs are some of the most popular and versatile rugs on the market today. “Flatweave rugs are thin, soft, durable and can work really in any room,” Merida suggests. Especially great for stairways and kitchens, a flat woven rug provides a quick, easy way to bring a dash of excitement without the fuss.

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