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5 Ways to Style a Staircase with Wool Rugs

When scheming a project, the staircase may not be top of mind as an area to get creative. At Merida, we think there are endless opportunities to make a staircase shine with a well thought out runner expertly installed. Here are five ways to use a wool stair runner to make a statement.

1. Custom details specific to a staircase

Choose or customize a rug with details that compliment the staircase form and shape. A little detail goes a long way, as can be seen in this custom Harris wool rug with an edge detail derived from our Heywood pattern. From a beautiful install by Leblanc Design.

2. Add some flavor with a seam

If you have a staircase that you know won’t be seeing a high amount of traffic—from a large family or frequent customer visits—you can get creative with an accent seam. Cari Berg adds visual interest to a landing with hand-sewn diagonal seam and the joining of two patterns. This also allows the horizontal line pattern of Heywood to match on each set of these stairs despite a 90 degree turn.

3. Use a balanced pattern for going around corners


Another option for dealing with corners in a stair runner is to choose a rug with a balanced pattern. This means that when the pattern is turned 90 degrees for the second set of stairs, the change in pattern is not jarring or distracting. A balanced pattern is a straightforward option that looks good in any situation. Atsu Gunther used our Diamant pattern for this runner.

4. Don’t be afraid of curves and turns


Some of the most striking staircases will curve, bend, or widen as they descend requiring the rug to do the same. A trusted, experienced installer will jump at the challenge and use the unique characteristics of a staircase to enhance the beauty of the installation. Our Service and Installation Director Bob Margies personally vets our network of installers to make sure every install meets our standards. Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio used a Serai Natural wool runner on this curved staircase.

5. Unique details can add a sartorial touch

 With jacquard-woven wool rugs, custom details such as an asymmetrical design can set a stair runner apart. Tailoring a runner for a specific space can take a staircase from a simple transition element to a feature all its own. For this runner, our design team redrew one of our Tailormade patterns to create the asymmetrical effect. The flexibility of the jacquard allowed us to weave the runner in one solid piece for Leblanc Design.

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