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Atelier 2020: New Designs for Stunning Stairs

Our newest Atelier Collection features five original patterns designed exclusively for stairs. Beautiful, durable and made to measure from riser to tread.

As designers look for more ways to add bespoke touches to their projects, a custom stair runner with a woven border detail makes a striking design element. A well-fitted stair runner should strike the right balance of rug and wood as it frames the path and leads the eye.

To custom fit a stair runner that will be durable and beautiful takes years of weaving and installation expertise, starting with the optimal materials. Merida has long established a reputation for creating photogenic staircases from the many beautiful and durable flatwoven rugs in our Portfolio Collection. Starting in 2019, as designers saw the possibility of more luxurious weaves for their stairs projects, we began adapting several patterns from our Atelier Collection for custom stairs to stunning effect.

Our new Atelier 2020 collection takes stairs to a new level, with five original patterns created for stairs. Jacquard woven from natural wool, or wool blended with linen, each rug can be customized to create a made-to-measure border detail for any width, from riser to tread.

Fontana makes an inviting statement with a border detail of linen and thin-felted wool on twisted wool.
Vigneto features a border motif of thin-felted wool over durable twisted wool.
Marciana features alternating stripes of felted wool and a linen alpaca blend for a modern border detail.
Bivio features a motif of tiered lines, alternating thin-felted and crimped wool yarns for textural effect.
Partisi features a decorative border motif, inspired by mashrabiya latticework, woven with shimmering linen and alpaca.
Ready to elevate your projects with a custom stair runner? Our sales team can walk you through options and provide samples and quote for your next stairs project.
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