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Atelier 2020, Loom by Loom: Dobby Woven Artistry

Every collection has a starting point, and the story of Atelier 2020 begins on the dobby loom. The 10 dobby-woven rugs in the collection take inspiration from a traditional “Ottoman Weave”, where the warp and weft create a contrasting matte and shiny effect. Reversing the ground makes the warp yarns visible on the face of the rug and brings the hidden details of the weave to the surface – a delicate yet dramatic interplay of color and texture.

Here’s a closer look at the nine Atelier 2020 rugs created on the dobby loom, featuring a handmade stitch technique developed by Merida’s Master Weaver, John Carvalho.

Zambra, Sofia, Arno

An exquisite hand-stitched brocade of multi-felted merino adds an artisanal signature to these richly colored rugs. A novel hand technique developed for the dobby loom, the architectural lines over the reverse-ground weave give these rugs a truly handmade feel. 


To create the warp brocade, the weaver stops the loom in stages to stitch the brocade lines by hand. This exquisite technique, invented exclusively for this collection, is the result of decades of experience and skill – a true collaboration of design and craftsmanship. 

Regatta, Contorno, Passaggio 

Here, the hand-stitched brocade motif adds subtle dimension and a bespoke feel. The tonal contrast of plied linen and wool showcases the beauty of the yarns and the hand of the artisan.


The architectural lines – as a border detail or a central motif – are a nod to the Renaissance, when architecture was considered an art form and artists and artisans worked side by side. 

Novella, Fortuna, Duomo, Bellini

With lighter colors, the contrasting effect of the warp yarns is more subtle, changing as light plays across the surface of the rug, These dobby rugs make a sophisticated foundation with subtle tones of color and texture.


Novella and Bellini are woven from a blend of natural wools; Fortuna and Duomo from luxurious mohair and linen. 

To experience the beauty of Atelier 2020, connect with our team for samples and a quote.

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